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Thanks to several installments of worship, Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, has managed to achieve popularity. The developer is best known for his work on the No More Heroes series; However, from his first games he managed to captivate the public. With the success of Nintendo Switch, the creative sees the opportunity to launch some of his older titles and apparently he is close to finalizing the arrival of 2 of them.

Today Momocon was held and the founder of the Grasshopper Manufacture studio, Goichi Suda, was invited. During the panel, fans had the opportunity to ask him about the possibility that some of his longest-running titles will be released on the current Nintendo console.

The Silver Case and Flower, Sun and Rain could come to Nintendo Switch

According to Twinfinite information, Suda mentioned that among the titles he would like to see on the Nintendo console is The Silver Case, the game his studio debuted with over 20 years ago. According to the creative, there have already been talks to make a port of the game a reality. Although there is still nothing specific, the developer believes that among all the possible games, this is the one that is most likely to reach Nintendo Switch.

Another title likely to be relaunched for the Nintendo Switch is Flower, Sun and Rain, which originally came to PlayStation 2 and was later adapted for the Nintendo DS. As with the previous case, Suda wants this project to come true, he even mentioned that he is already talking to a studio to be in charge of a relaunch or remake of the original title, and expressed that he would like to be very involved in the project. However, he mentioned that he would not like to make promises and commented that it could be time before he knew specific details.

Killer7 and other games have low odds of reaching Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, not all games in the studio could run with the same fate. We say this because Suda had the opportunity to talk about Killer is Dead, Killer7 and even Moonlight Syndrome, but made it clear that he cannot decide on his plans, but other companies.

In the case of Killer7, the developer mentioned that “there is not much that Grasshopper can do about it”, as the property rights belong to Capcom, its distributor. The situation is a bit similar with Killer is Dead, the Xbox 360 and PC title, as the property belongs to Kadokawa and other companies.

On the other hand, the developer discussed the possibility of working on the remake of Moonlight Syndrome, a PlayStation game. Unfortunately, Suda believes that this game could not be released at this time, because, although the Japanese public would be willing to play it, he considers that there are emotional elements in the game that would distress it and that could scare users to such a degree of not buy.

What did you think of Suda’s responses? Would you like one of these games to come to Nintendo Switch? Tell us in the comments.

The Grasshopper leader announced a few months ago a project in which he would collaborate with Hidetaka Suehiro to create a horror title and even revealed that the creator of Silent Hill would be involved, so if you are a fan of this genre or any of these creatives, you don’t want to miss it. You can find more news related to Suda51 if you check this page.

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