Succulent mermaid tail, the plant that is breaking the internet | Instagram Special

As we already mentioned, if you consider yourself a woman who loves decoration and plants, definitely the succulent mermaid tail, you must have it already. This mermaid tail shaped plant has won the hearts of Internet users on social networks being a very beautiful and easy to care plant.

For which they are not connoisseurs of plants and in particular of this plant, the succulent mermaid tail is known as vital senecio. This plant is a mixture of a succulent and a cactus, so it should remain in the light and in the shade. for healthy growth at home.

This plant can grow from 1 to 2 feet, and has become very popular on social media. and the internet in general because it has the shape of a mermaid or whale tail. There are different colors of this plant from green to blue. So it has become a favorite for plant lovers.

Where does the succulent mermaid tail come from?

The succulent mermaid tail is a plant native to South Africa. So its growth is during the winter and it sleeps during the summer as most plants that belong to the succulent group do. Unlike other plants like orchids or roses, they are easy to care for.

This type of plant needs very little water, intervals of sun and shade and make sure that the soil never dries so that it can grow as much as it can, making it an advantage for people who want to have a plant but forget to water it or take care of other plants.

If you want to acquire this plant, it is ideal for decorating your home and you can have it both inside and outside the home, with the care conditions already mentioned above. These types of plants are according to a decoration inspired by the ocean or in beach houses or as an ornament in spaces where you want to place a plant.

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