Subway employee falls asleep while preparing an order, it’s viral

A video has gained special popularity in recent days for a fact that in many ways is unusual. A Subway employee falls asleep on the bar just as she prepares a sandwich.

This material has been shared in recent hours from various social networks and although for many it is something funny, for many others it is evidence that makes clear the complex working conditions that many fast food employees have denounced in recent years.

The material in question first appeared on TikTok two days ago, on the account of the user identified as @ ss4xgoku1.

In this material a woman is shown preparing a Subway sandwich from the brand’s well-known bars.

Suddenly, in her work of integrating all the accessories, she begins to fall asleep, until finally her head collides with the sandwich to stay fully recharged on the product.

At the time of the closing of this note, this material has more than 9 million reproductions, has generated just over 1.1 million likes and has been made with more than 39.6 thousand comments, only on TikTok.

Although the fact has been described by many as a joke or a particularly funny video, for many others it is evidence that supports the constant complaints made by various employees of the fast food category where they claim deplorable working conditions with particularly low salaries.

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These criticisms of Subway have been supported by more than one case in which even large fast food brands have been forced to pay significant fines for not considering the most basic rights and guarantees of their employees.

Last September, for example, as reported by The Australian newspaper, that McDonald’s could face a lawsuit valued at “hundreds of millions of dollars”, after it became known that an Australian franchisee denied its staff to take small breaks to go to the bathroom or drink water.

These situations are spiced up by the denunciation of especially low salaries.

According to media such as the Californian Paper, employees of fast food chains are especially poorly paid, even when they are considered essential in the midst of the health emergency.

According to available data, the salaries of these employees range on average from $ 8 to $ 9 on average, according to Business Insider estimates.

For the brands in the category, taking care of this aspect is especially important if we consider that consumers now evaluate something more than the price or quality of the product to define their purchases.

The treatment of employees has become one more purchase driver that plays in the global evolution that people make of any brand.

Although, until now, the reasons behind the fatigue and sudden dream of the Subway employee are unknown, the truth is that brands cannot leave these types of loose ends, less at a time when companies with purpose and Human approach are especially sought after by the consumer.