Subaru Outback Wilderness: extra off-road capabilities

Just a few days ago my colleague David Clavero told you about the new Subaru Outback. A new generation of the Subaru camper family, a car that at Diariomotor we consider the perfect balance between a crossover, an SUV and a family car. The Wilderness version adds to the Subaru Outback the off-road capabilities that the rest of the Outback slightly lacks., in addition to a more enduring aesthetic and more in line with his adventurous spirit. In short, the Subaru Outback that you should buy if you are going to take it regularly off the asphalt.

At the body level, the Subaru Outback Wilderness have new bumpers, both front and rear, built in dark plastic and unpainted. Only a few details in orange identify the location of the tow points. The wheel arches were already framed in plastic, but now that plastic covers more bodywork. Its fog lamps are specific and a matte anti-reflective foil has been installed on the hood. A curious detail is their specific tires, which are only 17 inches diameter.

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Driveways with Yokohama Geolandar mixed tires, They allow driving over potholes and broken surfaces more easily, thanks to the large “ball” of their tires. The last exterior detail is its new roof bars, on which it is possible to install a heavy duty roof rack, capable of supporting up to 320 kilos of load – ideal for installing a tent on the roof. Inside, the Subaru Outback Wilderness features copper-colored accents and seats upholstered in StarTex water-repellent material, with the version logo engraved on the backrest.

Touches of copper are present in the trim on the seats and panels, while the headliner is turned black and some chrome details are stained anodized gray. The 11.6-inch Subaru StarLink infotainment system and vertical orientation does not undergo any change. And now we get to the real changes: Subaru has primed the Outback Wilderness undercarriage for further abuse off the tarmac. For starters, they have installed more plastic protections on their underbody, protecting delicate components.

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As an option, Subaru will offer aluminum underbody guards, as well as a differential protector.

The shock absorbers have a more comfortable setting and a longer travel, in addition to allowing the car increase your ground clearance by 2 cm, now reaching 24 cm. The car’s track width increases by 5 mm, and the off-road angles improve significantly: the angle of attack goes from 18.6º to 20º, the ventral angle goes from 19.4º to 21.2º and the angle of The start goes from 21.7º in the series to 23.6º in the Wilderness. As if this were not enough, the final ratio of the change has been slightly shortened, achieving better thrust and grip at low speed.

In fact, Subaru claims that it can climb gravel slopes of 40% incline without any problem. Although it still does not have a gearbox and its change is a continuous variator, the Wilderness version receives a reprogrammed X-Mode, more suitable for off-road use. Mechanically, it still has the 260 hp 2.4 turbo boxer from the rest of the Outbacks. Of the Outbacks sold in the United States, which is the market for this version. At the moment, there is no confirmation that this version with extra adventure will reach Europe.

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Its mats are rubber, as it should be in such a car.