Subaru Outback, the familiar ‘off-road’ reinforced in safety and fun

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This month a new Subaru Outback has arrived at the dealerships, the sixth generation of the adventurer family with a contained price par excellence, although no longer so much of this last characteristic due to the Increase in Registration Tax and the large number of technical solutions received, which affect the stability, safety, motorization and behavior on and off the asphalt. It is only offered with gasoline or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) propulsion.

Built in the new Subaru Global Platform (SGP), has improved protection, fine-tuned ride quality and increased occupant space, with greater distance (+10.8 mm) between the front and rear seats. Raised 21.3 cm above the ground (1.3 cm more than the previous generation) on 18-inch wheels, It also gains 10 liters in boot volume (522 liters) and benefits from a larger loading opening with a door and a tray that open with the movement of a hand or an arm.

A lot of security

A extensive menu of driving aids provides more safety to the occupants of the new Outback. Subaru boasts that any of its current models has achieved the highest score in passenger safety in each of the agencies that evaluate this issue in the world and is fully convinced that the European EuroNCAP will impose five stars the new Subaru Outback. They have already been awarded to you by the North American rating agency in a market in which Subaru sets its global standard.

The 2021 Subaru Outback debuts the EyeSight 4.0 system with two stereoscopic HD cameras with sensors on both sides of the interior rearview mirror to monitor traffic conditions. Thanks to a Angle of view almost doubled compared to the previous system, a mounting glued to the windshield and a new image recognition software, EyeSight 4.0, detects and recognizes traffic signals, stop lights of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and reacts autonomously … but always after warning the driver of a specific eventuality.

This system is a Driving assistant with 11 functions such as pre-collision braking -reverse braking as well-, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning and stay in it function, throttle control, skid and close-in warnings of the front car, steering control in sudden emergency or the “smart” speed limiting.

One of the main attractions of the Subaru Outback in all its generations has been its permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive AWD (All Wheel Drive) that regardless of its performance off road or in snowy or muddy terrain is a plus for the safety of the occupants. The well-known X-Mode allows you to choose two types of driving off the asphalt, depending on the terrain: Snow / Earth or Snow and Deep Mud, this for more extreme conditions. On the other hand, active torque control improves curve tracing and kills any hint of understeer.

Comfort on board

In the presentation of the model to the press we drove the finished Trek for an hour and a half. Inside it highlights the large 11.6-inch vertical screen. Without time to fiddle with it too much, we can attest that it presents a high definition and all the possibilities of current technology, including the connection to the two great mobile operating systems of Apple and Android. The driving position is comfortable, the seat accommodates and collects and the materials are all of good touch, both the synthetic leather of the seats, and the fabrics that cover part of the dashboard and doors. Elegant.

The country flair of the Subaru Outback is even more evident in its exterior styling with the roof bars with integrated and movable cross members (on some finishes), the large hexagonal grille, wide bumpers, an ‘outdoor package’ in all versions with coverings on the wheel arches, on the front and rear or the led fog lights in a vertical plane right in the corners. The led headlights expand the angle of visibility and the taillights are also new. The Briliant Bronze and Autumn Green colors they are added to the six previously known.

Off-road sensations

Being the most urban finish, the Outback Trek’s behavior both on twisty roads and on the motorway transcends high ride comfort, low noise levels and above all a stability for confident cornering in which the car is not going to go. Of course, a small dirt circuit was reserved for us (the motocross circuit in Valdemorillo, Madrid, dry) with two routes: one twisty and a second with walls and severe irregularities for feel like guiding a real all-rounder. Not being a small car ahead, it is a bit dizzy not to see what is coming when you overcome a large incline but there too it is easy to trust the refurbished chassis, mechanics and enriched safety systems. On a steep descent it is the same car that controls the speed without pressing the brakes.

The LPG option

If one of the obsessions of the industry has been and is the reduction of mortality and injuries on the roads, the pressure for manufacturers to produce decarbonized vehicles is at its highest these days. But the call for electrification or mixed battery / combustion technologies has not reached the Subaru Outback due to its structural characteristics. There is no hybrid or electric future in sight for this model, whose 169-horsepower 2.5 boxer engine carries 90% of its completely new parts for improve its engine torque by 7% compared to the previous one, up to 252 Nm. The car reaches a top speed of 193 km / h and gets to 100 in 10.2 seconds.

They take away ‘eco-friendship’ a consumption of 8.6 liters per 100 km in combined mode (the optimized Lineartronic eight-speed automatic transmission cuts the previous figure by 22%, according to Subaru) and the emission of 193 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

However, 90% of those that have been sold in Madrid or Barcelona -Spanish capitals with stricter mobility restrictions- It bears the Eco label of the DGT thanks to the mixed combustion of gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The bifuel system allows save fuel and therefore reduce emissions of carbon dioxide per kilometer. If you are interested, you should hurry, because with the change of labeling that is underway, the Eco sticker will disappear from this type of propulsion as soon as the new regulations are decided. As it will not have retroactive effect, an Echo from today will continue to maintain its privileges in town once a new, more restrictive label distribution formula has been approved.


The automobile industry has crashed against the reality of the Government’s plans, which do not include LPG subsidies nor to any other technology that does not propel independently by means of electrical energy, so the prices established by the brand, with its own offer, will remain as is: 39,500 euros in the Trek and Field finishes, the only ones who admit LPG option -which raises the price up to 41,500 euros-, and the 43,500 top-of-the-range Touring.

For what it gives in driving, safety and comfort and what it takes away economically, we can conclude that the Subaru Outback is a good choice for that active driver, lover of nature and outdoor sports but who lives in big cities. The brand has become related to the sport of surfing worldwide and also here in Spain. And as it shows, his two ambassadors, the surfing champions Garazi Sanchez and Andy Criere they offered a demonstration in the ‘mechanical’ waves of a leisure center in Alcorcn (Madrid).

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