Styrian F1 GP | Alonso: “I’m almost 100% already”

“Precious!”he exclaimed over the radio Fernando Alonso after crossing the finish line with the ninth position under the arm in the classification of the Styrian F1 GP, which eventually became a 8th starting place for penalty to Tsunoda. “Very funny, whatever position it is, I have enjoyed”added the Oviedo from his car. I was happy. Again he had made the most of a car with which his teammate Esteban Ocon could not pass Q1, being 17th. The Spaniard maximized the possibilities of his car, making the most of where it seemed that there was none with some experimental and aggressive last minute changes in the settings of his car after realizing in FP3 that the performance of the car had declined a bit this Saturday . Therefore, the Spanish was very satisfied with his work before going for the points this Sunday, highlighting in ‘DAZN F1’ that he feels “Almost 100%” with your car compared to the first races, much more comfortable, being able to find those last thousandths thanks to your hands. This Sunday, Alonso will go for the points, again wanting to surprise are another of his great starts, with which in the last Grands Prix he always won positions. And be careful because there is a high probability of rain for the race. If water falls, the mechanical difference between cars will be reduced and the drivers’ hands will come out. There, Fernando wants to opt for much more.


“The truth is that I am happy. It has been a very stressful time. Today in the morning we have lost a bit of competitiveness. Already in FP3 we saw difficulties, then a car came out in Q1, so it was a difficult time. But hey, again in Q3, again in the Top-10, I come out on the clean side. So, the work done today, but the points are tomorrow, let’s see if we can consolidate it ”.

Fernando Alonso, at the 2021 F1 Styrian GP


“It is possibly my best classification at this circuit and of the year as well. It is true that I have done some Q3, but I think this one, especially in Q2, which I did seventh, it seems to me, it was a good lap, I enjoyed it 100% already … Not 100% … because there is always something missing to find, but I am much more comfortable with the car if I think of Bahrain or Imola at the beginning of the year “


“We have done a bit of experiments during FP3 and the chrono. We have changed some things about the car, a little more radical than you would in normal conditions, that you always do small tweaks before the clock, but hey, we were in real difficulty in FP3 and we did not mind making changes a little experimental facing the time trial, and I think they went well. And well, for tomorrow we have a rain forecast and that can change everything. But hey, better get out as far as possible ”.

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