Stunt double for Charlize Theron and Lucy Lawless has a serious accident on the set of The Lord of the Rings – .

Filming a blockbuster almost always carries risks, especially when it involves action scenes; So that the lives of the main actors are not in danger, there are the stuntmen, heroes that we often do not know about but to whom we owe the best action sequences in our favorite movies and series. Recently, twice the risk Dayna grant suffered an accident while working on the Amazon Prime Video Lord of the Rings series and has received great support from fans.

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Grant is famous for being Charlize Theron’s stunt double in Mad Max: Fury Road – 97% and Snow White and the Huntsman – 48%; and Lucy Lawless in the series Xena: The Warrior Princess (1995-2001), Spartacus (2010-2013) and Ash vs Evil Dead; but he has also participated in films such as Wonder Woman 1984 – 76%, Megalodon – 42%, Mulan – 83% and many more projects.

The One Ring site was in charge of spreading the news through its social networks, and commented that it is not the first accident in the series, in 2020 it was reported that Elissa cadwell, who was Nicole Kidman’s double in Aquaman – 73%, injured her head when falling into a water tank.

The Lord of the Rings stunt double Dayna Grant suffered a severe blow on the set of Amazon recently and is now undergoing emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm and a spinal problem. The New Zealand film industry is stepping up to support his family.

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Dayna grant She applied through GoFundMe for support to pay for an urgent surgery, as her health insurance could not pay for it in full, and she needed $ 60,000. The site then added:

This is the * second * major brain injury on the set of Amazon’s billionaire Lord of the Rings. We are in the process of confirming more details, but the current facts are that the GoFundMe is for a health issue not related to The Lord of the Rings, but which was only found due to a standard protocol MRI related to a heavy hit. physical on the set of The Lord of the Rings.

Then IndieWire published an article about it where it does not mention Amazon or the series of The Lord of the ringsBut he does talk about the head injury and the crowdfunding campaign, which is currently running over $ 73,000. Lucy Lawless She supported her friend through Twitter and invited her fans to donate:

Help me help our dear friend, Xena’s stunt double, Dayna Grant, undergo emergency brain surgery after a head injury on set for an upcoming project. He has made actresses look great on horseback and fighting in #WonderWoman, #MadMax, SnowWhite, #Xena, #AshvsEvilDead.

And seeing all the support received, Grant was moved to tears:

I’m speechless. Thank you all so much for the incredible love and support.

The series of The Lord of the rings see the light in the first months of 2022, and in addition to having a budget of more than $ 500 million for its first season, it has a great creative team. Despite being inspired by the fantastic universe of JRR Tolkien, the series will tell an original story set in the Second Age of the Sun, a period that in the history of Middle-earth takes place thousands of years before the War of the Ring, the conflict main character of The Lord of the Rings novels and movies.

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