Stunning New Images Revealed About The Flash Film

Producer Barbara Muschietti, who is also the director’s sister, shared what can be an epic scene in Flash, the movie.

The film of Flash is, without any doubt, one of the future crown jewels of the DC Extended Universe. The project has become one of the most anticipated by the audience and since the beginning of its filming it has not ceased to be news. Now, once again the level of expectation around it rises. The production itself has been responsible for sharing quite promising content.

Its director, the Argentine Andy Muschietti, took it upon herself in the past weeks to share the look of the outfits they will wear Supergirl, Batman and the protagonist. In the same way, the filmmaker shared the official logo of the production on his Instagram.

Soon after, social media and the internet took in all the possible information and leaked incredible news. The Wayne Manor from some previous films the bat would return, as well as great actors.

Immediately afterwards, images of the set were revealed in which Sasha street with his look of Supergirl, raising all kinds of theories about their identity and participation. the same Ezra Miller (Flash / Barry Allen) Y Kiersey clemons (Iris West) were seen onstage while filming.

New images

However, the big news of the moment was a concept art shared by Barbara muschietti in your profile Instagram. The director’s sister will once again accompany him as a producer, in the same way she has done in other titles.

Thus, the executive showed an artistic work in which the main hero is seen running at full speed in front. The sprinter is accompanied by Supergirl flying overhead, along with the Batman from Michael Keaton and that of Ben affleck, following the step.

The image shows a style of “mini League of Justice“And if it happened on screen, it would certainly be an exciting moment for viewers.

On the other hand, a car Mercedes Benz quite luxurious had been seen in the studio. Before the appearance of the car, the question was who would drive it if Affleck or Keaton, the question was resolved. The latter will be at the wheel.

Finally, it is valid to remember that The Flash is preparing to be able to premiere on November 4, 2022.

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