Study shows that a person can come to love their pet more than their partner

A pet can mean a lot in our lives. Not only do we acquire a commitment to another living being, to which we must provide care and attention; It is also inevitable not to create an emotional bond with that animal that will live with you most of the day, 365 days a year.

Between an owner and his pet there is affection and a lot of empathy, to such a degree that some come to “anthropologize” everything they can feel for animals.

On the subject, a study found that a person can come to love or love their pet more than their partner.

Arnold Arluke and Jack Levin are a pair of researchers who analyzed the process of empathy that is built between the owner of a pet and the animal.

To do this, they studied a group of people who were asked to read a newspaper article. It featured an animal, a baby and a 30-year-old person who were violently beaten.

The result showed that people felt more pity and compassion, first for the baby, then for the animal and finally, for the older person.

In another study titled “Why do we love pets?” Researcher John Archer of the University of Lanchaschire explained the following: “Humans can get more satisfaction from their relationship with their pet than with other humans. since they substitute a type of unconditional relationship absent in other people ”.

Then, he called the affective responses as anthropologized by justifying that the natural roles of fathers and mothers, such as providing affection, protection and education, are transferred to the pets in charge.

Finally, the bond and affection are mutual creating a contract in which fidelity and dependence prevail, which is always rewarded. This does not happen with human bonds.

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