Study reveals the most stressful titles for gamers

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For those passionate about gaming, it is common to say that we are going to play a little to get rid of the stress generated by our work or academic activities. However, some of these sessions end up becoming a real nightmare and not because the games are bad, but because their challenge and their proposal absorbs us in such a way that we end up with more stress and even in a bad mood. With that in mind, an initiative carried out a brief investigation to find out the most stressful games and the results have already been shared.

The BonusFinder site, in collaboration with specialists and competitive players, undertook the task of conducting a study that would allow us to know the games that cause the most stress in players. For this purpose, 14 players participated, who were He asked them to play some successful titles in the current era and after the sessions it was possible to know the titles that are capable of raising our heart rate significantly. At the beginning, the study revealed that taking into account the average increase in the heart rate of the players, there is no game more stressful than Mario Kart because it increased the pulse of the players by 32.81%, followed by FIFA, Call of Duty, Dark Souls and Fortnite.

On the other hand, the study also considered the games that are capable of raising the heart rate at a specific time and there is no other than Dark Souls III, because in the battle with the boss Darkeater Midir, the heart rate reached a peak of 127 beats per minute. In this section, the stress generated by the FromSoftware title was followed by Fall Guys, Mario Kart, Street Fighter and FIFA.

Finally, the study revealed that just as there are games that can increase our stress level, there are also others that are relaxing and in the case of those that were able to reduce the heart rate are Animal Crossing, The Sims and The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim.

What’s your opinion about it? What are the games that stress you the most?

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