STUDY: Harassment and hostility in online video games increased in 2020

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Toxicity in multiplayer video games is one of the main problems that companies in the field have had to deal with since their inception. Generally, the fame that certain titles achieve is accompanied by a great toxicity inherent in the mixture of so many different types of people, in the same hostile and competitive environment.

Now the ADL Center for Technology and Society and the video game statistics company Newzoo have teamed up to study this phenomenon of toxicity in multiplayer. The results were published in a report whose name couldn’t be better, “Free to Play? Hate, Harassment and Positive Social Experience in Online Games 2020 “, which used a sample of 1009 gamers in the US, between 18 and 45 years old, who detailed their experiences on both consoles and PC.

Apparently the online toxicity levels have risen from 74% to 81% this year, representing players who have received some type of harassment while playing. Also, 64% of those surveyed said they received harassment of the following type level: direct threats, espionage and systematic attacks.

Regarding specific titles, DOTA 2 with 80% is the multiplayer video game with the most toxicity according to the respondents and repeats the first place of last year. Although it shares the first position this time with Valorant, which also has 80%. Further back they came Rocket League and GTA Online with 76%. Amazing that League of Legends is not mentioned in these first positions. Could it be that LoL is more toxic in Latam, than in the rest of the world?

The study also comments on the video games that gamers stopped playing at some point due to toxicity and harassment. Among them we have (what a surprise) again in first position to DOTA 2 with 40%, Call of duty (anyone) with 39% and now yes yes gentlemen, League of Legends with 36%.

Even though not everything can be bad, since the study also affirms that gaming helps social integration and that 95% of the interviewees stated that they have had positive experiences in the online world. Also, 86% revealed that they received help from other players to join the game, 83% made friends, and the same percentage indicated that thanks to this type of experience they feel part of a community.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord