Do you want to learn how to create your own Android apps and make a living from it? This is all you need to know.

Direct your professional career towards Android application development It can be one of the best decisions of your life. According to data from Glassdoor, the Android software engineer is one of the highest paid positions of its category, as well as being one of the most demanded in the application development universe.

And although on the Internet there information of all kinds that can help when it comes to start a career As an Android app developer, so much data can also end up confusing to those beginners who want start creating apps for Android and, if possible, get to live from it.

Therefore, in this guide we want to offer you the information you need, and nothing more. For this, we will give you some guidelines to help you start learning to create applications for Android, and some of the best courses and centers where you can learn to do so, paying as free.

Android Studio is the official Android IDE, from which you can create Android apps.

What you need to learn to create apps for Android

Really, the only thing you need to start creating your own Android apps is time and desire.

Most of the courses and cycles that teach how to develop applications, either for Android or iOS, do not require prior programming knowledge Although it is always good to have some basic notions. Therefore, you can learn to create applications regardless of your training or current level of studies.

In terms of time, there is no exact figure hours that you must dedicate to your app development studies to become an expert. This will depend on each person, their previous knowledge on the subject and their ease of assimilating and putting new concepts into practice.

The most important thing is that keep a certain record and don’t throw in the towel for the simple fact that get stuck when trying to understand the operation of some concepts.

That said, during the process of learning how to develop Android apps and games, you will have to work until mastering different technologies and concepts. They are as follows:

Java / Kotlin programming: the two programming languages ​​that Google considers official when creating applications for Android. You will learn to develop apps with both programming languages ​​- they both share a similar syntax.

XML / Jetpack: In general, the design of Android applications is created based on layouts defined in XML files, so you must learn to work with this language to create the interface of your apps. Sooner or later, Jetpack will be the system used to develop the design of the applications, so it can be a good idea to become familiar with its tools.

Material Design: It is not mandatory to develop your apps based on the Google design language. However, you should learn to create interfaces following good design and usability practices.

Android Studio: This is the official Android IDE, and the tool you will use to create your Android applications –unless you choose other alternative “frameworks ”–. You can learn more in our complete guide on Android Studio.

Databases: If your idea is to end up creating professional applications with which you can earn a living, either on your own or for other companies, you will need to know how to work with databases. On Android, SQlite or Room databases are used.

English: It may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning that, if your idea is to go far within the world of app development, having a good level of English is almost essential. Most of the technical documentation is written in this language, and a good number of the tools that you will use will not be available in Spanish.

This should be your point to start making a living as an Android app developer. Depending on the type of apps you plan to create, you will need to work with some technologies or others – especially if your idea is to focus on developing games – but you can take these points as reference when starting to learn.

Courses and centers to study Android app development

There are many ways to learn how to develop Android apps.

Now is the time to get down to work and learn to create apps for Android. To do this, you can turn to one of the many study centers –On-site or online– that teach programming courses focused on the Google operating system.

According to how you want to organize your curriculum to learn how to develop Android applications, each type of course may best suit your needs. Next, we select the best options, grouped into different types.

Official courses and cycles to learn how to develop apps for Android

There is no official title of Android app developer in Spain – or in any other country -. However, there are official studies that focus a good part of their agenda on imparting the necessary knowledge to start creating apps for the world’s most widely used operating system.

Higher Degree Training Cycle in Multiplatform Applications Development

It is a two-year cycle with official degree and training period in work centers – internships in companies – in which you will learn to develop apps for different types of devices.

The module or subject of Multimedia Programming and mobile devices focuses on the development of apps for Android. On the official page of the Ministry of Education you can find a list with all the centers in Spain where you can study this cycle.

In that sense, it is worth mentioning that you can attend in person, as well as on-line through the different distance education systems offered by some study centers.

Paid courses to learn how to develop apps for Android

If you prefer, you can also use paid courses focused on developing Android applications. These are the best that exist today:

Android Developer Nanodegree

It is one of the courses recommended by Google to learn how to develop apps for Android.

It is intended for those who already have one or two years of experience in app development with Java or other object-oriented programming languages. Its creators affirm that, after completing this course, you will have a range of projects to show companies, and you’ve published your first app on Google Play.

One of its advantages is the fact that it is created in collaboration by Google, so that the most relevant technologies and concepts are taught to learn how to develop applications.

Duration: 6 months (dedicating 10 hours per week)
Price: 359 euros per month / 1,854 euros for six months

The Android Developer Nanodegree is one of the best courses to learn how to develop apps.

Mobile application development with Android

A course that counts everything you need to start developing apps for mobiles and tablets with Java using Android Studio, following professional techniques and making use of the Material Design lines.

One of its advantages is that the course is in Spanish, since it is taught by the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Like the previous one, it is a totally online course with an updated syllabus, practical projects to be developed in each of the five programs that make up the course –with flexible deliveries that adapt to the situation of each student– and, of course, certificate issued by the study center through Coursera.

Duration: 6 months approx. (Dedicating 4 hours per week)

Price: each course of the specialization has an individual price. You can attend as a free listener.

Master Android Development with Java and Kotlin

If you are looking to specialize in creation of apps for Android using the two official programming languages ​​contemplated in the operating system, this online course in Spanish it can be a very good option.

In it you will learn to work with technologies such as Android Jetpack, Room databases, ViewModels as well as design applications based on the Material Design language, including animations.

It includes a total of 33.5 hours of video on demand that you can consume anytime, anywhere. Also, although they require basic programming knowledge, Android experience is not required.

Duration: 33.5 hours, not counting the time it will take to develop the proposed projects.

Price: 12.99 euros 199.99 euros

The best free courses to learn how to develop apps for Android

Learning to create apps for Android is one of the best decisions you can make.

But It is not mandatory to pay to learn how to develop apps for Android. There are fantastic free courses that can serve as guides to start your career as a mobile app or game developer. Some, taught by Google itself.

Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

A course for getting into the Kotlin programming language for the first time, which today is the fourth most popular language on the Stackoverflow platform.

This free online course contemplates the essential concepts of this language, helping you make the transition from any other object-oriented programming language easier.

Duration: two weeks

Price: free

Advanced Android Development

Another free online course taught by Google is Advanced Android Development. It is available directly on the Google developer page, and is divided into five units.

The company itself will carry out this course when it already has experience with Java or other object-oriented programming languages, or after completing the course Android Developers Fundamentals, also free.

Each part of the course, focused on the Java programming language, contains tutorials with example code hosted on Github, technical documentation on the main concepts and slides that help to expand knowledge on each of the topics covered.

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

We conclude this selection of free courses to learn how to develop apps for Android with Developing Android Apps with Kotlin, another Kotlin-centric course created by the Android developer team.

In it they teach us devise and develop applications using the Kotlin language, as well as using third-party libraries and tools with modern development techniques.

The course helps us to gain experience developing applications while using them good programming practices, using technologies like Jetpack or Room. Everything, with the aim of helping us create apps in a more efficient way.

It is undoubtedly one of the best free courses to learn how to develop apps for Android, especially due to the fact of having agenda updated to 2020 thanks to Google’s participation in its development. This ensures that the techniques and technologies learned will be used to develop apps for Android 11 and future versions of the operating system.

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