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For the first time students of Architecture of the University of Alicante, Fine Arts of the Miguel Hernández University, and Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in collaboration with the Hispalyt Ceramic Manufacturers Association, They have worked together to find new ways of perceiving space through ceramic tiles.

Juan Mora, director of the UA Research Secretariat, Salvador Lara Ortega, architect and professor of Architectural composition at the UPV; Y Antonio Maciá, architect, professor and coordinator of the degree of Architecture of the UA, presented yesterday the “Taller Interuniversity of Architecture with ceramics. Design, composition, structure, expression and new technologies”Which has lasted two days and ended today Friday in the MUA.

During the presentation, Salvador Lara, from the UPV, pointed out the great importance and the interesting of promoting this activity. That the students go outside, … that they do not stay only in the classrooms but go outside … measure ourselves with others … with the different … relate to them and be able to experiment with the materials. ” The workshop “seeks to get away from the great theoretical contents of the classrooms and get closer to the materials”; materials about which he confessed “the students have not touched a brick. Today they are going to touch it ”.


Antonio Maciá He referred how it was “a little over a year and a half ago, as a result of a working relationship with the UMH, between Lara and Maciá,… that this idea of ​​the workshop arose ”, time in which“ it had been necessary to organize a lot but it was very easy ”, thanks to the collaboration of the UMH, the UPV, the staff of the MUA, among others.

In the presentation on Thursday Maciá specified “in workshops like this there is teaching …, but work is underway to investigate; and from here very interesting results will come out that are associated with the research, and the research has to be transferred ”. In this same sense, Juan Mora stressed the importance of this activity, which shows the transfer of research results to teaching.

Three universities, B studentsthem Arts and Architecture (Bachelor and Master), united in work teams of nine people, making combined use of computer tools with traditional systems, such as paper and bricks, have resulted in the work presented today. To carry them out, they have been equipped with two hundred ceramic pieces of 15x7x5 millimeters, glue, fifty perforated bricks and wooden blocks of 10 millimeters, provided by the Association of ceramic manufacturers Hispalyt.

With the presentation of the work carried out by each team, the workshop ended, included among the activities included in the Cultural Month of the Higher Polytechnic School.

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