Stuck | Opinion of Iñaki Ortega

The image of the huge ship stranded in the Suez Canal has gone around the world. For a week the route that connects the East with the West it has been blocked, leaving 400 freighters without crossing the canal. The mega ship Ever given It was moving more than 20,000 containers from China to Europe and was stranded in the sands of the canal by a strong gust of wind. Despite its state-of-the-art technology, a simple storm has caused tens of millions of dollars of losses every day of collapse due to the paralysis of the supply chain of multinational companies.

Now I ask you to reflect if you have never felt like that freighter. Stuck. Unable to move forward or backward. Sunken. In a problem that does not let you react. Locked. Because you can’t or don’t know how to get out of a situation that leaves you unable to react. Overcome. For him weight of a toxic person or absent bosses. Aground. Knowing that every week you go without being able to go out, you are losing yourself and yours. Stuck. Because you have insisted on saving a job or a relationship that didn’t deserve it.

It is literally impossible to manage all eventualities, so it is best to focus on performing well.

Life, like ships, leads us to sail with the wind in your favor and by pleasant waters. But sometimes the winds roll and the current carries you away. The Ever Given ship was designed for all of this, but it still ran aground. In the workplace, but also in the personal, we prepare for years not to fail. Even without making a mistake, sometimes exogenous factors, like the March sandstorm in Suez, leave you stranded. It’s literally impossible manage all eventualitiesThat’s why it is better to focus on having a good performance, not stop training yourself and doing good around you, because that will protect you for when bad things come.

In a long careerAs those born after 1970 will experience, there will be time for failures, but also for successes; for cruising speed in the hands of good companies and shipwrecks promoted by myopic decisions. Steve Jobs thanking the honorary doctorate from Stanford University, he summed up his successful career in the phrase “connecting the dots.”

When you run aground in the future remember how the ship was freed from the canal

For the founder of Manzana In a life there are events that mark you for better or for worse that you don’t know when they happen to you. Only when a few years pass and you look back, do you realize that everything makes sense and your reality is what it is thanks to those past events.

Now when you run aground in the future, which you will, remember how the ship was released from the Egyptian canal. First, eliminating excess weight from the deck that prevented him from maneuvering with agility; second, with the help of many small tugs that they managed to straighten the course; and third, thanks to their own means, since the crew and the ship itself had the best preparation.