Stu Bennett spoke about his time in WWE

Stu Bennett spoke about his time in WWE | The Brit who wrestled in WWE like Wade Barrett talked about how bad it felt to be in WWE.

Stu Bennett and hatred in WWE

The British fighter felt hatred in his final stage in WWE:

I left WWE in spring 2016. When my contract was going to end they offered me a renewal agreement, but I said no, I was leaving. I loved my job, especially what I did in 2014 and 2015 but at the time I felt hatred for WWE and for what I was doing. I kept reflecting on what I had to improve to be valued and it was beginning to affect me.

I think they gave me opportunities, but they were not taken advantage of. I became the King of The Ring, but that didn’t make me higher on the card. I realized that it was not important to improve or not since in that company everything depends on the approval of a person.

After leaving WWE, the wrestler needed a year to refocus mentally:

Psychologically leaving WWE affected me. It was a very strong change in routine, from being 280 days on the road to having almost all the free time. Before, I couldn’t go out because people recognized me, but over time that changed and there came a point where on Mondays I was happy that I didn’t have to go to work.

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