Strong tremor was felt in central Colombia at 4:12 in the afternoon this Saturday: it had a magnitude of 5.1

Geological Survey Geological Survey

This Saturday, January 23, a strong earthquake was recorded that was felt in the center of the country. As reported by the Colombian Geological Service, the magnitude 5.1 earthquake it originated in the municipality of Baraya, department of Huila.

“Seismic Event – Updated Bulletin 1, 2021-01-23, 16:12 local time. Magnitude 5.1, Shallow Depth (Less than 30 km), Baraya – Huila ”, they reported.


Users on social networks said that Bogotá, Meta and Huila the tremor was felt quite strongly. Some uploaded videos to Twitter.

Recommendations for an earthquake

– Panic attitude and sudden movements should be avoided, as this generates a chain reaction, which can result in collective panic.

– At the time of an earthquake, individual protection must be sought along with an element that is resistant: table, door frames, columns in earthquake-resistant buildings, to prevent falls from roofs or light objects.

– When the shaking stops, the respective evacuation of the building must be carried out to a clear point, since after an earthquake there can be aftershocks and these tend to worsen any remaining damage.

What should an emergency kit have in case of an earthquake?

Colombia is one of the 30 countries that are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a point where several tectonic plates converge.

The constant movement and friction of the plates leads to a release of energy. When it is gradual, low intensity earthquakes occur. When it is sudden, earthquakes of great magnitude occur.

According to the District Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change (Idiger), the kit must be reviewed at least once a year and it is necessary to update it according to the needs of the household members.

Below is the list of items that should go in the emergency kit:

First aid kit and reserve of your essential medications.

Cash in bag.

House and office keys.

Food and hydration.

Complete change of clothes (for each member of the family).

Copy of personal documents.

Blanket or light blanket. Waterproof layers.

Trash bags, duct tape, rubbers, heavy duty rope, and razor.

Replacement batteries.

Basic hygiene items.



Plate, bowl and spoon.


Likewise, he stressed that earthquakes cannot be predicted and for the same reason the information issued before the events should be ignored.

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