The crossing of Yanina Latorre with Julia Mengolini (Video: « The angels of the morning », El Trece) (ElTrece)

Yanina Latorre and Julia Mengolini they held a sharp cross in the air at Morning angels. And without anyone having foreseen it: « You brought up the subject … », he remarked Angel of Brito to the journalist, in one of the most critical moments of the debate.

Everything arose when Mengolini -who was summoned to the mobile of the cycle of The thirteen to give his impression of the extension of the quarantine- he mentioned the opinion of Maria Virginia Godoy – known as Miss Bimbo– on the step of Lola Latorre by PH. « You can’t complain if your daddy caught someone, you fucking asshole, » was the humorist’s insult aimed at Yanina’s daughter. Noting that circumstance, the journalist asked the entire program team to take care of the coronavirus: « I would not like anything to happen to Yanina, please, I was reading that is very sensitive. You got mad at Miss Bimbo ”, said.

The LAM panelist, who until then had not participated in the entire panel’s consultations with Mengolini, did not let the irony pass. Thus, a debate began that grew in pitch with the passage of minutes, and in which both made their different positions on feminism, politics and marginality visible.

Yanina: —Yes, of course i got mad. You have a baby girl; I have a 19-year-old daughter who is not media, she is not rude, she does not disrespect anyone, she will not cry on TV: I hope you can agree with me on something and not that there is always a political crack because you You agree with those who think politically like you. My daughter opened her heart and told what happened to her dad. And Miss Bimbo, who is 40 years old, with whom we have had a friendship bond, that’s why she screwed me over, told her « shitty asshole. » You have to understand that Lola at 19 can react as she wants. Pain travels as it can. It is not right that you, who are sorores, feminists and defend women, (say) that a girl has a private education, goes to a university and has not missed eating, has no right to feel hurt or betrayed by her father . I am not sensitive. I am a mother, and I will defend her until I die, just as you are going to do with your baby.

Mengolini: —I understand Yanina’s reaction. I listened to the program (from Señorita Bimbo) live. And it seemed to me that the girls laughed more at you than at Lola. They were laughing at how you raised her.

Miss Bimbo’s insult to Lola Latorre, and Yanina’s reaction (Video: « The morning angels », El Trece) (Infobae)

Yanina: -Che, I ask you a question, since you’re a mother: what’s funny about the way I raised Lola? What went to a good school, that goes to Di Tella and studies Law?

Mengolini: -No, They were laughing that a baby had come out in your image and likeness. That I was very happy, that I was skinny and pretty just like you.

Yanina: —Contact me, because what you’re saying is very ugly. What is a baby in my image and likeness? What did I give you everything? What do I give you love? May my daughter be proud of me? What is educated? That it is not like you that you say « terrorist » to a colleague because he thinks differently from you? How long will they give me? Do you think that because I am blonde, skinny, I am tinted and I drive a truck, I am mentally moronic? Did you really believe it? Or are you the mental morons, who are selective feminists?

Mengolini: —Yanina, you live laughing at everyone. It was your turn. Bancate it once. You live laughing at everyone.

Yanina: —Tell me who am I laughing at. I don’t laugh at anyone. Your problem with me is that we think differently and it bothered you one day that I told you about a little flower. I don’t laugh at anyone. I work and I’m doing well.

Mengolini: No, Yanina. Do you know what is the problem? That you …

Yanina: —Miss Bimbo tried to be a panelist and could not. It lasted two minutes with (Robert) Pettinate. You create yourself elevated beings and end up on online radio. No one calls them. Please, think about it. They bother you (George) Cream, (Marcelo) Longobardi, and they are on the best radio in the country. And you are on a radio that is listened to on the Internet. I kiss both of them. I’m rotten. (For) you, if you are not a Kirchner, you kill them. When you are blonde, you bathe, you shave and you are pretty, they kill them. It seems that to be a feminist you have to be a carancho. I’m rotten from these mines.

Mengolini: No, you have no idea.

Yanina: -AND don’t mess with my daughter anymore. Because they didn’t laugh at me: They called her “shithead,” they sent her to therapy, they laughed at the exchanges, and Miss Bimbo uploads an ice cream and stone exchange for dogs. And she is so alive that she blocked Diego, she blocked me, she blocked Lola and Dieguito (her son). When you speak, bancate the answer.

Mengolini: —Yanina, do you know what is the difference between you and me? It is not Kirchnerism. It is that you laugh at the humble and we laugh at the privileged. AND that’s what you don’t bank on: we laugh at the privileged and that’s why we laugh at you.

Yanina: —You are crazy, you don’t know me. I help everyone I can: I don’t laugh at any humble person. I had (on Twitter) a section for years called “The marginal photo”. And it is not the poor, it is the most marginal part that we all will be human. Your problem is that for you, marginality is poverty. You’re your mirror, queen. I don’t laugh at the poor.

Mengolini: —I myself was a victim of your marginal photo. When I enter the hashtag #lafotomarginal vi, and I know perfectly well what I am talking about: you laugh at the humble.

Yanina: —Find yourself: I laugh at myself, at Paula Chaves, of all the people who have something marginal. I never laughed at a poor man. Show me a marginal photo that I have uploaded of a poor person. I challenge you to upload it to Twitter.

Mengolini: —I recently saw the photo of a fat lady in leggings in the bus, where the thong was seen.

Yanina: —Did I upload it or did someone upload it and put a “marginal photo” on it?

Mengolini: —You retweeted it because you thereby generate common sense in people, who send it to you and you retweet it.

Yanina: —Look, being fat and having a shoe that shows your ass is not being poor, dear. I also laugh at myself. Once « the marginal photo » was Nequi Galotti, here, crouched, and the thong looked the same as the lady. Your problem is that if I upload it from Nequi Galotti, as she is a rich lady, that’s fine, and if I upload it from the lady in the bus, it’s wrong. The problem is you, that you discriminate. The marginal photo is when you see the thong. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a bus or in a television studio. Tell me what other poor man I laughed at.

Mengolini: –Yanina, people know what I’m talking about. Your sense of humor is very clear. The difference between yours and ours is that we laugh at the privileged and that the online radio that you laugh at is very successful because it has a sense of humor that doesn’t matter to it.

Yanina: —You discriminate, laugh at the privileged. You are selective. For you, being a feminist is defending the one who does poorly. You’re pathetic.

Mengolini: -Not at all. You have no idea, Yanina.

Yanina: —Why should you laugh at the privileged person? Why do you have to say shitty ass to an educated girl who suffered? What happens? My daughter cannot suffer and yours can?

Mengolini: —Yanina, it was your turn. You laugh all over the world. Bancatela. It touched you for once, bancatela.

Yanina: I don’t laugh at anyone’s laughter. You hate me because I don’t think like you.

Mengolini: No, I don’t hate you. I don’t give a shit …

Yanina: —For a little flower… you went to the most expensive school in Bariloche, Mengolini. Your past is coming to me and you say shit to Lola. And you were not laughing at me. I heard all the audio. They are pathetic. I even think that Malena Pichot defended Lola, who hates me more than you, because it is a horror that women in 2020, who are going to throw themselves into the Obelisk all the time to march for gender-based violence, tell them asshole of shit on a girl who is suffering from father and father. Or is there a law to suffer?

Mengolini: « Yanina, you lack a sense of humor. » No one was laughing …

Yanina: —Why is Lola rich, can’t she cry? Because Lola is rich, isn’t she going to answer Andy Kusnetzoff? Why do you think Miss Bimbo is stupid …?

Mengolini: No, Lola can cry … Yanina, I understand that you have come out to defend your daughter. Possibly I do the same with Rita (her daughter). Be Bimbo or whoever it is. So I understand that perfectly. Now what I want to say is that it wasn’t that serious. They laughed that you had a daughter just like you, and that your daughter was very angry with her dad, but she was still swapping. That was the whole joke.

MengoliniNo, it wasn’t just the joke.

After this crossing, Ángel de Brito asked that the audio of Señorita Bimbo talking about Lola Latorre be aired (see video: Señorita Bimbo’s insult to Lola Latorre, and Yanina’s reaction). Upon returning to the floor, a new intersection occurred between the panelist and the journalist.

Mengolini: –Come on, Yanina. It wasn’t that serious.

Yanina: – That it was not so serious that they called him « fucking asshole » because « your daddy co … to another mine? We surely have another kind of life.

Mengolini: – But if you love fucking too, Yanina, you spend it fucking people

Yanina: – I ask you a question. Do you laugh at Cristina Kirchner, who is a mega millionaire and a privileged one? Do you also laugh at Cristina Kirchner’s Hermès and Rolex gold and brilliant wallets? Or does that not have them?

Mengolini: – If something funny happened with a Hermès wallet I’d laugh at a Hermès wallet. If there was something funny around that wallet.

Yanina: – And if nothing funny happened in my daughter’s millionaire life. The only thing that happened is that they saw her cry on a television program and that Miss Bimbo came up with the idea of ​​saying « shithead ». And you, you have so little head, and there you realize that you are useless because you selectively think. If you are a Peroncha or a Kirchnerist, you agree with him even if he kills someone. And if not, no. One day in life you have to assume when you are wrong. Miss Bimbo missed him. They wouldn’t be from me. And if (Lola) is the queen of the house, what do you care? Is your daughter not the queen of the house or do you sweep her? Don’t you give him everything you can?

Mengolini: – Yanina, when they mess with you you have no sense of humor.

Yanina: – I gave my daughter everything and I am proud that she looks like me because we are good beings. I am not an official like you, I must not give anybody’s money. My husband and I are two hard workers. I sent her to the best school I could afford. She is going to receive a lawyer. And it’s a hundred times better for you. I would like to know an achievement of Miss Bimbo. It’s all day with ice cream and stone dog swap. Nothing but my daughter the exchange is a little higher.

Mengolini: – Well, Yanina, it seems to me that the discussion has dropped to a level that I can’t go down.

Yanina: – You guys go down a level. You take the level that on a radio, that nobody listens, they say « stupid » to a girl.

Mengolini: – I’m going to leave the mobile here.

Yanina: – Leave the mobile and go, because you are not right. And say « terrorist » to my partner and « anti Peronist » to Lanata. I’m rotten from peronchas.

Mengolini: – I just have nothing more to say. Yanina, you are reaching a level of violence …

Yanina: – Violence that Ms. Bimbo generated in me when she said « stupid shit » to a 19 year old girl who did nothing to her. And you say they laugh because he looks like me. Isn’t that worse?

Mengolini: – But you are reaching a level of violence that I cannot.

Yanina: – You have no answer.


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