Strong !, Carlos Vives left his mother “on the street”, they say

Strong !, Carlos Vives left his mother “on the street”, they say | AP

Very strong! Many say that family businesses do not leave anything good and apparently this happened with the family of the talented Carlos Vives. According to the famous magazine TV Notes, the actor would also leave his brother and mother “on the street.”

The magazine claims to have a source close to the family, who revealed to them the family breakdown that exists due to the actions that Carlos Vives and his wife would have taken with the aim of staying with the family business.

According to the magazine, the singer’s brother, Guillo, would have started a restaurant with the support of his mother, so they became partners. Guillo, in addition to being a singer, is a chef, so this business was very important to him.

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What Carlos Vives and his family did not imagine is that the restaurant would acquire great popularity and even celebrities would go to it. Seeing this, Vives proposed to his brother to associate, something that the source assures, the brother hesitated, but finally ended up agreeing.

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The magazine assures that the business was more fruitful and Carlos and Guillo sang in the place, giving it a bonus that the customers loved. They assure that the problems came with Carlos’s marriage, as his wife began to influence the singer on decisions in the restaurant.

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TV Notes pointed out that even Carlos Vives’ wife decided to get into the business, thus investing to turn it into a hotel; however, he protected himself with promissory notes and others for any situation.

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The publication reports that the construction of the building ended just after the pandemic, so opening the hotel was not much of an option and the restaurant had to close as a result of the crisis. However, Vives’ wife would be able to collect the money invested knowing that there was no way to pay him, that is how, according to the magazine, the singer and his wife stripped Guillo and his mother of the business after 22 years of work.

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