Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Ryu are coming to the game according to leak

In Fortnite we will soon be able to see a couple of street fighters who come directly from Street Fighter. Here we tell you everything we know.

Through a tweet that has already been deleted, a Fortnite leak was released that presents us with a couple of characters that no one expected to see in this event of « hunters » because they are two popular street fighters.

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The leak introduces us to a video where Agent Jonesy arrives in the Street Fighter universe through a portal and kidnaps Ryu and Chun-Li, who were fighting at the time..

Fortunately, there were users who were able to take screenshots of the leak before it was removed. and now we have images of the skins that will arrive and of the moment when Jonesy robs the two street fighters.

This comes to completely change the dynamics of hunters that were being handled this season and leave out some big names that could be in these two places.

However, having Chun-Li and Ryu inside Fortnite at the same time is something you don’t see every day. and honestly it’s a very interesting thing and a very big event in games.

So now we can only wait for these two characters to be officially announced by the official accounts of Epic Games and Fortnite, as we will surely have much more information about this important crossover between franchises.

Meanwhile we will be on the lookout for anything else that is announced about Fortnite and its special guests within that same universe, because until now we have two characters from The Walking Dead (Daryl and Michonne), Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor, Mando and Grogu, Snake Eyes by G.I. Joe, The Flash, Kratos, Master Chief, Predator and some Tron skins. It’s certainly a huge amount of content and it surely won’t end here.