‘Street Fighter 6’ peeks into a Capcom data breach

Last monday, Capcom confirmed to have suffered a cyberattack on November 2, which exposed a large amount of confidential information, including personal data of employees and customers. The obviously serious situation also revealed some projects the Japanese company is currently working on. One of them is Street fighter 6, the sixth installment by numbering of the most popular fighting video game in history.

From the previous year rumors arose about the possible development of Street Fighter 6, however, Capcom preferred not to comment on the matter. The data breach not only confirmed the existence of the game, but also some platforms on which it will be available. If the database is correct, The title is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC, thus becoming an intergenerational proposal (cross-gen).

The above is especially interesting, since the fact of landing on different generation consoles makes us suppose that its launch may not be as far as we thought. There are several companies that, despite the recent debut of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, intend to continue serving the millions of players who remain active on the previous hardware. After all, no one wants to give up on a market that will remain profitable for years to come.

Another interesting issue with Street Fighter 6 has to do with the end of exclusivity with SonyAs the console version of Street Fighter V was only available on the PlayStation 4. Also, the data breach shows internal emails that discuss character and scenario modeling. Also mentioned is a group of testers from Keywords Studios, who are supposedly already testing a preliminary version of the game.

Street Fighter 6 in 2022?

When will Street Fighter 6 be released? Although there is no official information that answers the question, during September the leaker DuskGolem, who has already leaked information on other Capcom titles, noted that Street Fighter 6 is coming until 2022, since the testers did not have a good feeling with the gameplay. In addition, Yoshinori Ono, one of the main responsible for the saga, left Capcom in March of this year.