Streaming platform launches bitcoin payment service and increases its shares by 95%

Key facts:

Peeks Social will use a verification service that will ask for photo ID and proof of address.

Now the content uploaded in Peeks Social can be paid with bitcoins directly.

People Social Inc, a company specializing in social media products and services for live transmission (streaming), announced last Thursday, February 18, through a press release, the launch of its payment service in bitcoins, Peeks Bitcoin . Following the announcement, the company’s shares on the stock market rose more than 95%.

In the statement, Personas Social Inc, reported that this new service can be used within its platform streaming, Peeks Social, where users share audiovisual content while being rewarded by others with money, in the form of tips or sponsorships.

The service will allow users of the application to pay for the content they consume in a more direct way, because, although it accepted bitcoins since 2018, -according to the . news agency-, it is now that they will have their own platform of payments for this cryptocurrency.

Regarding the security of the service, Personas Social Inc, clarified that Peeks Bitcoin, has a identity verification program, which will ask whoever wants to withdraw their funds in the cryptocurrency for a photo ID and proof of address. In addition:

The service uses a variety of third-party services to validate identification, exclude users from sanctioned countries, and perform background checks on users who withdraw money from the service.

Personal Social Inc.

The company, which has already processed thousands of dollars in bitcoins, announced that there are online commercials interested in using your paid service, but this is currently still being evaluated.

Gente Social Inc shares soar

Since February 18, the day the press release was published, the company’s shares on the stock market have soared by more than 500%, while in the last 24 hours, according to Yahoo! Finance has increased by approximately 95%. This rise in the company’s shares likely means that more and more shareholders are interested in the new bitcoin payment service, and that the Bitcoin ecosystem is increasingly booming.

Although CriptoNoticias tried to contact yesterday with the president and CEO of Personas Social Inc, Mark Itwaru, to learn more about this project and its next plans, so far no response has been received.

While Peeks Social appears to be the first streaming app with its own bitcoin payment platform, it is not the first to accept them. Twitch, one of the most popular platforms in this application model, began to accept them also in 2018, although it is true that, as CriptoNoticias points out in this article, it has withdrawn it a few times.