straw files and without evidence against Salvador Cienfuegos

Fernando Damien

Mexico City / 17.01.2021 15:18:53

The president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, Ricardo Monreal, described as « straw files and without evidence » those presented by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) against Salvador Cienfuegos, former secretary of National Defense.

He added that the Mexican justice should feel outraged by these files, as well as by arbitrary processes and detentions.

The also parliamentary leader of Morena in the Senate of the Republic responded like this on social networks to the reproaches of the United States Department of Justice to the government of Mexico for the disclosure of the armed file against Cienfuegos.

« The United States Department of Justice expresses disappointment at the dissemination of the Cienfuegos case file. The Mexican justice must feel outraged by arbitrary processes and arrests and straw files without evidence. Above all, due process and presumption of innocence, wherever”, He specified.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) determined last Thursday the non-exercise of the criminal action against Cienfuegos, considering that the DEA did not provide elements on the alleged protection of the general to leaders of organized crime.

The Public Ministry even released the file of 751 pages, which caused the disagreement of the United States Department of Justice.