Have you ever watched a spaceship propel itself into the stratosphere? Well, in the following article we want to show you some strategies that aim to shoot the online visibility of your business in the same way that a spaceship leaves our planet into space. And why this parallel? Because like a startup, a spacecraft takes a lot of fuel to get off the ground, and then it can reap the rewards of that initial sacrifice.

As we know, for companies that are taking their first steps, visibility is important. Even the confinement product of the coronavirus pandemic has finished reinforcing this growing trend. And the conclusions are obvious: if we do not have good visibility on the Internet, that is, in search engines, it is likely that we will not reach new customers, and our consumer base will not grow.

In fact, just take a look at the data from Google. Only during 2019, when global mobility was normal, the main search engine received almost 2.3 billion searches. Additionally, it is estimated that 1 in 5 searches were related to new topics. This means that Internet users constantly try to find out about topics that are beyond their previous knowledge. For those who have a business, that is an opportunity to become visible and earn money.

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The importance of SERPs

For a startup looking for high visibility, SERPs are essential. When we talk about them, we refer to the results that a search engine page shows, such as Google itself. This acronym, which refers to Search Engine Results Page, is what defines, many times, what is our level of visibility.

Pages that manage to rank well among search engine results get multiple benefits:

They become credible for higher exposure pages The brand image is strengthened The relationship between investment and dividends is very positive

Of course, from these initial notions, we find that improving our initial position is a matter of activating various online visibility strategies. While achieving lasting results may take years, in no time you’ll be in a position to dramatically improve your current position.

For your startup to be visible in the eyes of your customers, you need to go where those potential customers of your product or service are. In general terms, we can identify four strategies that can be implemented to achieve these results, and we will analyze them in the following lines.

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Essential strategies the online visibility of your business

We could say, then, that the foundation strategies for your online visibility are these:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Paid Promotions Influence Building or Networking Brand Building

Let’s try to dig a little deeper about each of them.

Search engine optimization or SEO

Having an optimized SEO takes many hours, we are not going to lie to you. But, once you do, the long-term value it offers is well worth it. As most of you already know, SEO refers to a group of tactics implemented to improve the ranking of a page in search engines.

Of course, there are successful SEO strategies that address the use of keywords and phrases, but also many other aspects. For example, it is very important that you offer quality content, informational or entertainment, that customers cannot find on other sites. You should consider that, in the world of SEO, qualitative content always wins against quantitative content. Always keep it in mind.

Take advantage of the various tools that are online to make that research work you have done worthwhile. Go over the words or phrases that people search the most. Create links between your publications and with other prominent ones from representatives of the same sector, or complementary to yours. Participate in forums and social networks contributing what you have to say, in a natural way.

Paid promotions

As SEO is a task that begins to give results in the medium term, regardless of how effective we are, it may be necessary to resort to some more direct methods. After all, businesses are under pressure to get the product or service to market in the shortest time possible.

While you work on generating organic traffic for the following months, something that may take you about half a year, it is important to bet on promotions or paid campaigns as a springboard. Right now, Google offers an ROI of 8: 1, that is, 8 dollars entered for every 1 dollar spent. As is clear, this is an investment that is well worth it.

As for the most secure mechanisms for paid promotions, search ads, display ads, retargeting ads, etc. appear. It all depends on what your role is.

Online Business Visibility Strategies 3Online Business Visibility Strategies 3

Influence Building or Networking

Even in the digital world, where a startup increasingly has to serve its customers online, the skills of networks can help you strengthen relationships. For this, there are virtual conferences in which a handful of speakers interact with the participants through video or chat. They are the so-called webinars. You can take advantage of them to publicize your proposals, ideas, etc.

There are different alternatives to strengthen yourself in this field, such as showing yourself at such conferences, taking advantage of influencer marketing, showing your products on sites like Pinterest, betting on channel partners, etc. Everything that contributes to your relationships should be included among the strategies to boost the visibility of your business. By the way, this will help you with the next step: building a brand.

Brand building

How can I know what the value of my brand is? There is a simple way to find out: it is the amount of extra money that consumers are willing to pay in order to consume something produced by you. Just think for a second to understand that Apple is one of the best examples of this.

If you intend to improve online visibility of your business to strengthen your brand, you will have to provide a good product, and then rely on the positive opinions of your customers. Recent studies show that new consumers trust both online reviews and personal recommendations. In addition, they do not stop at the second review, but analyze several before deciding.

That you are able to work your social networks well is also important. In the end, the more beautiful your content is, the more likely they will share it. The more they share them, the more likely they are to consume them. And the more they consume them, the more people will want to be your customer.

And you, are you already working on these strategies to boost the online visibility of your business?

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