Stranger Things will have a spin-off series on Netflix

Netflix TV series Share The fourth season of Stranger Things will be the best of the series

The Stranger Things series is one of the most popular and we will see the new season soon, but they want to show more about this interesting universe.

The children protagonists of Stranger things They are getting older, so the series will lose its charm more and more, although it continues with the same quality in the stories. So Netflix He does not want to stop exploiting this interesting universe and now they are developing a spin-off with other characters and other places. Also, the streaming platform is rumored to be making a big announcement on the subject very soon.

The big question: What will the Stranger Things spin-off be about? For now we know that the original creators of the series had plans to end the story in the fourth season, but now they have confirmed that these new chapters will lead to the final ending.

Spin-off rumors point in two directions.

While we wait for them to make that big announcement about what’s new in Stranger things, It is being speculated that this fourth season will introduce new characters or situations that will continue in another series. Doing something similar to Marvel studios, connecting everything organically. Since we could get to see those young people with powers like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and about which we know very little information.

But they could also change everything by showing the time of the 90s, since one of the great successes of the series Stranger things It is the use of nostalgia with the 80s and they want to transfer that feeling a decade later. Even some of the main characters could return played by other actors doing a more adult version.

The truth is Stranger things has so many possibilities that surely the new series is a tremendous success in Netflix. Hopefully they will reveal the release date of the new episodes soon.


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