Stranger Things: An unusual phenomenon brought series events to real life | INSTAGRAM

In a massive blackout, fans of the series took the opportunity to “live” in Hawkins for a few moments.

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Stranger Things started out as a series mainly aimed at young audiences, however, it gradually transformed into a mass phenomenon.

And is that the production of Netflix, is already preparing for the premiere of the fourth season, which fans are looking forward to, since they are already rushing to ask that the launch be advanced to enjoy the series in these days of confinement . Something that has not yet been heard by the production house.

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In each of the broadcast episodes you can enjoy new adventures and mysteries that do not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, Netflix has revealed some little secrets that are coming for this new season. The first teaser trailer for the series showed Hopper alive, working in Russia. Since apparently that country will be the backdrop for the new season.

Stranger Things indirectly managed to create a different way of seeing everyday life. Even if everything seems to be flowing normally and boring, fans always find something in common with the science fiction series that makes the mystery feel. Such has been the case of Venezuelan fans who yesterday experienced a blackout in Maracabio, such that it echoed on social networks.

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And it was not only with the intention of reporting on what happened, that he left the entire population blind. If not, they took advantage of it to find it similar to the things that happen within the series. At a time when electricity went everywhere, a strange, flickering burst of light appeared on the horizon.

Maybe it’s just too much to be fantasizing about when the Demogorgon appeared in Hawkins to change the lives of its protagonists. However it is real that in a moment of tension as such, a little humor never hurts. And even more if you can feel like you are in a production about science fiction.

In fact, it is not the first time that this has happened, as this phenomenon has repeatedly occurred in Maracaibo, you just need to enter Twitter to see some videos and comments about it.