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Story is a timer, although it is inspired by the orbit of the planets. One of the most curious and fascinating watches we’ve seen in a long time …

The human being differs from the rest of the species, in his obsession with measure the time. The way of doing it has changed over the centuries, but the use of hours, minutes and seconds is today an unchanging constant in our lives.

Story is a timer that proposes a completely different way of perceiving it, meditating a sphere that levitates. It is an idea of ​​the Swedish company Flyte.

Simulating the rotation of the planets around the Sun, Story is a clock, a stopwatch, a date reminder… Take a look at the video to understand it:

We have a wooden platform that can be placed on the wall, on a table, or on a shelf, and that has a metallic sphere that levitates a few inches above, and goes around in circles on its surface.

Its basic function is serve as a watch. It makes a complete turn every hour or every day, as we program it, and its position marks the hour or the minute.

From an app we can do that the dial works as a countdown, or as a stopwatch: We mark the time remaining for an appointment, the birth of a child, or the start of the holidays, and the sphere will advance towards that goal. When it is at 12 o’clock, that date will have arrived.

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But you have many other uses. Its LED light that illuminates the base can be programmed with different color sequences.

It can also be used for mark the lunar phases, or the season of the year. And if we wish, we can also see the exact time through an LED screen under the wood.

Story is an inimitable timer. But that mix of art, technology and innovation comes at a price. You can buy it on their website at a cost of 799 euros, with shipping from Europe.

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