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What appear to be all Microsoft’s plans for the new generation were leaked yesterday. Despite this, Sony is still keeping quiet and we have no new details on the PlayStation 5 launch.

Players are eager to learn everything related to the release of the console; however, there are still more questions than answers. Fortunately, this could change soon, as a store suggested that there will be news about PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

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Will there be information about PlayStation 5 tomorrow?

According to GAME, specifically with its Guildford, England branch, Sony will reveal details about PlayStation 5 in a few hours. The supposed announcement will be made tomorrow, September 9.

Being a store, it is believed that Sony will finally announce everything related to the price, the launch date and the pre-sale of PlayStation 5. It all started when the chain of stores published a message on social networks that caught the attention of the players.

GAME specifically targeted its customers who are waiting for the PlayStation 5 pre-sale and invited them to see tomorrow’s announcements. « So things are about to start this week, » the store wrote.

It took little time for the store to delete the message from its social networks, so for now it is not clear if everything was a mistake or the information came out early. That said, it must be clarified that Sony has not confirmed anything for now.

Despite this, it is striking that this week another chain of stores in the United Kingdom assured that the pre-sale of PlayStation 5 could be activated at any time. So, there could soon be official information about it.

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The launch of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for later this year. Find all the news related to the new Sony console at this link.