Store denies resellers have 2,000 PlayStation 5 units

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The shortage of PlayStation 5 worldwide drew the attention of resellers, who, taking advantage of the high demand for the new Sony console, set to work to diversify their activities, previously focused on products for scenes such as sneakers. . As you know, in 2021 reselling makes use of online tools to secure units of all kinds of products, running out of stock in minutes and with the new consoles it has not been like that. In recent days, there was an alleged hit in a GAME pre-sale, but the store denies that it was like that.

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GAME assures that the supposed PS5 in the hands of resellers is fake news

A few days ago, an alleged PS5 purchase operation by a group of resellers began to circulate on the Internet, who boasted on networks that they had obtained 2000 units of the console in a pre-sale that took place in the online store of the GAME chain, popular in Europe and Australia. However, in a statement sent to Video Games Chronicle, the chain assured that this is not true and that its system was not violated, so it maintains its measure of selling one console per client.

In that regard, the network noted the following: “demand for PlayStation 5 remains very high and far exceeds current supply. We have strong measures in place to help ensure that our ‘one per customer’ statement is maintained to allow as many individual users as possible purchase successfully. All pre-orders are subject to automatic verifications and order updates, such as post-order cancellations, take place after the customer has received an order confirmation email valid. Currently these are pre-orders and as such have not recorded customer payments. Payments will begin once the verifications of each order have been completed. “

According to the information that was generated in this regard, the group of resellers revealed to have used a software called Carnage that had allowed them to buy up to 10 PS5s in a single operation. In fact, alleged members claimed that they were already preparing to resell the consoles and make a profit.

While what GAME says may be true, it would not be strange that before taking measures, scammers begin to generate expectation on the Internet by ensuring that they have available stock of PS5, trying to deceive people that in the end they will not receive the console and you will only lose your money.

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