Stolichnaya joins Bodegas La Negrita for its distribution in Mexico

According to Stolichnaya, its vodka is one of the most mobile liquor brands in the country

According to Bodegas La Negrita, this exclusive deal will help them to position themselves as a free distributor in this category of beverages.

Together, the liquor store chain distributes more than 70 different labels throughout the country

One of the most important advantages that brands can aspire to is exclusivity. Agreements of this type allow companies to give an additional advantage over their competition. In addition, it can serve to reinforce long-term consumer loyalty. All this introduction is relevant because of the joint announcement that both the Stolichnaya vodka brand and the Bodegas La Negrita liquor store chain have just made.

Both companies announced that they will begin an exclusive commercial relationship within Mexico. In other words, Stolichnaya vodka will be distributed exclusively in the premises of Bodegas La Negrita for consumers in the country. According to the latter, which issued the statement, the vodka will join other brands such as Torres, Hendricks, Matarromera, Flor de Caña and Don Ramón, among others. It is also a commitment to reinforce its image to the public.

Specifically, Bodegas La Negrita pointed out that the exclusive addition of Stolichnaya to the portfolio is part of a bid to expand its market segment. And also, be more attractive to an audience of young adults who “identify with the authenticity, creativity and passion” of the Stoli brand. Both companies shared that, with the arrival of this drink exclusively to the liquor store chain, sales of vodka should grow 30 percent in 2021.

Bodegas La Negrita, Stolichnaya and exclusivity

Partnering with a vodka brand in Mexico is a solid growth strategy for the short term. This has a lot to do with the consumption preferences of Mexicans. According to Executive World, for a couple of years that this drink has become very popular among the national public. In fact, it is only surpassed by some quite heavy weights historically in the country’s consumption: Beer, tequila, wine and whiskey, in that order.

Related Notes

But we must talk about the strategy of Stolichnaya and Bodegas La Negrita to establish an exclusive relationship. According to Chron, these types of agreements allow the product in question (in this case, vodka) to have greater visibility within stores. This, because these agreements frequently lead to preferential treatment against possible rivals. For example, higher visibility on shelves, higher sales and lower weight for the competition.

AzCentral, for its part, points out that Bodegas La Negrita can also be positively impacted by this deal with Stolichnaya. He points out that exclusivity deals are perfect for developing market power, as you can offer something that rivals do not have. At the same time, it allows the development of a branding focused on the idea of ​​a premium deal, due to the more limited availability of the product. It is even cheaper, logistically speaking.

Other cases of exclusivity

Bodegas La Negrita and Stolichnaya are not even close to the only agents who have come up with exclusive offers. For example, Spotify decided to launch its own podcast that mimics the morning news. This project is not just trying to compete with other traditional radio shows, some of which may be on your platform. At the same time, it aims to exploit the capacity of its platform to create new audio experiences.

Amazon also did something similar to Bodegas La Negrita and Stolichnaya. In the middle of the year, following the COVID-19 crisis, the company decided to launch its own store with consumer supplies focused on dealing with the pandemic. Many of these articles were, of course, exclusive to their platform. While the store specialized in face masks, it also had other categories of protective gear, as well as different materials for these masks.