NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012: Stipe Miocic is pictured during the pre-fight press conference for “UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic” inside the Hilton Hotel in Nottingham, United Kingdom on Thursday, Septermber 27, 2012

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has a very clear message for Daniel Cormier and his other critics: stop complaining.

The world of MMA is waiting for a trilogy between Miocic and ex-champion Cormier. They have fought twice before, with Cormier winning the first fight by knockout in the first round, and Miocic claiming the title with a technical knockout in the fourth round in the rematch. Since then, there has been a desire to see them a third time. Cormier has also made it clear that the trilogy fight will be the last fight of his career.

Unfortunately for ‘DC’, Miocic is also a firefighter and has a lot of work with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So the current champion of the UFC heavyweight division, expressed reluctance to engage in a fight when most gyms are still closed.

Due to that situation many criticisms have come downboth from heavyweight contenders and some fans and Miocic feels that these criticisms have no justification, as expressed in an interview with MMA Fighting:

“I really don’t know what people want from me. Everyone is saying “he has the division” and I wonder how I am holding the division. Other boys say “we can train.” Well, good for you. You live in a different state, you have different regulations ”

“My coach, no joke, closed his gym. No one is paying anything because it is not fair to everyone. They had a lot of stuff outside the gym and a couple of people, like five or six people were working together, they were even six feet away and someone saw him and reported him and the CDC quoted him. That’s how strict they are. So everyone can shut up because they are idiots ”

Miocic also sent a firm message to his growing group of detractors, and to Cormier, who has been trying to lure him back to the cage.

“I do not care. I really don’t care what your opinion is. Honestly, he says one thing and then contradicts himself all the time. “Apparently I am not a champion. Whatever. Everyone else is talking. They say to leave it or defend it. Whatever it is, I can’t make everyone or anyone happy. I don’t care at this point. Let them stop crying ”