Stipe Miocic

The heavyweight champion of UFC Stipe Miocic says he continues to have vision problems and that he sees spots in his left eye.

Miocic hasn’t seen action since he knocked out Daniel Cormier at UFC 241 where he regained the full weight belt. It is expected that Miocic have a trilogy with DC on his return but he’s been dealing with vision problems that have postponed his return to the octagon.

With the pandemic of coronavirus nowadays, Miocic has been focused on helping the community with their work as firefighter.

Still, fans and the press wonder when Miocic will return to the octagon. In interview with Ariel Helwani East Wednesday, Stipe He admitted that he still has problems with his eyesight that have put his return to the octagon in the background.

“I am taking my time to go back and see how it works. Look at how the eye feels. “ The doctor told me: “You look good, take your time to come back, don’t be stupid”, said Miocic.

“The dots are like watching a fly fly, it’s weird.”

The heavyweight champion of UFC admitted that his focus has shifted about preparing for his trilogy with DC, to fight against him coronavirus. Along with fighters like Conor McGregor, Miocic It has been at the forefront of the elite by promoting the fight against the virus and keeping fans around the world safe.

“Right now my fight is with the coronavirus. I am not worried about fighting right now. My task at hand, right now I am concerned with what is happening in the world. Once this is over and we get back to a normal life, we worry about it. “ explained Stipe.

Without having an exact date on when the pandemic will end coronavirus, and with Miocic Still in recovery, it may take a while for what we see back in the octagon. And by the time I’m ready to fight, “DC”May end his career.