Stimulating !, Lizbeth Rodríguez forgets her blouse and dances

Stimulating !, Lizbeth Rodríguez forgets her blouse and dances | Instagram

Really exhilarating! Ex girl Badabun Lizbeth Rodríguez captivated her followers and left them trapped on her mobile by sharing a video in which she can be seen dancing in a really attractive way and even more so because the youtuber left her blouse aside and danced without it.

In the recording shared on her official Instagram account, Lizbeth Rodríguez can be seen without a blouse, with very tight leggings and comfortable tennis shoes, all this to dance like never before and captivate the networks with her movements.

The video gives a more intense atmosphere due to the colors that were used for it, which added to the cadence of the movements of the star of Youtube, her clothing that showed off her curves and her partner to the maximum, raised the temperature of social networks.

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The former host of Exposing Infidels He showed his progress in his dance classes and they were really huge as he would have really won over his dance partner with the movements of his curvy figure and the expression of his body and face during the dance.

I want the pandemic to end and to be dancing to the floor , wrote the youtuber next to the images.

This video was shared two days ago and exceeded 200 thousand views on the famous social network. The comments were immediate and the followers of Lizbeth Rodriguez They assure that he did it magnificent, that he goes quite well with his classes and that he will surely Esteban VillaGómez, your partner, will not like the pictures.

Despite how risque this video seems, surely the beautiful influencer will not have problems with Esteban, who respects and knows very well what Lizbeth does and does, so surely she will not bother.

Liz has made it very clear that if she has had many partners it is because she is not going to be with someone who prevents her from spreading her wings or represses her in some way as a woman and as a professional. The famous at all times has asked women to always raise their voices and seek their dreams and well-being.

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Despite her departure from Badabun and having to face the test of the pandemic, the mother of Eros Rodriguez She has been very active in content and projects, both on social media and on television. Recently, one of these caused her concern since the actress was also on the Mimí Contigo program and days later it was revealed that the host had tested positive for Covid-19.