Still lives! Pedro Infante’s voice is heard in his study

Still lives!  Pedro Infante's voice is heard in his studio (Instagram)

Still lives! Pedro Infante’s voice is heard in his study | Instagram

For many, the memory of the considered a great icon of the golden age of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante, has remained despite time, with this they have derived endless controversies in which, according to witnesses, they claim to have had paranormal experiences with the figure of the Mexican artist.

Although they have passed 63 years of the tragic mishap that cost the Mexican idol his life Pedro Infante, various versions assure that the singer never perished in that fatal air impact and is heard singing in the studios where he recorded many of his songs and films, they assure

They say that people never leave until they stop remembering themselves, and this is precisely what has happened with the “idol of Guamuchil”, Pedro Infante, one of the most artists that Mexico has produced and the one who made tears shed with his departure. That fateful April 15, 1957, the so-called “son of the Mexican people” is celebrated today on the 103rd anniversary of his birth.

This November 18 the memory of the immortal is present in various spaces, television and the internet recall his life, his career and the versions that were derived after his end.

Pedro Infante lives!

For many of his fans it was not easy to accept the idea that the great singer had perished when he was at the peak of his career. For several years, various versions assured that Pedro Infante did not lose his life that frenzied month of April, when the plane in which he was traveling collapsed.

They even claim to have seen and heard him, these rumors become more relevant at this time, both the day he was born and the day he left this world.

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To speak of “Mil Amores” is to speak with pride of one of the highest representatives of regional music, but also one of the greatest losses that Mexico still regrets, one of the possible reasons why it was never completely accepted that the singer he had left this world.

One of the most popular versions was in one of the broadcasts of the program “Hoy” when one of its reporters detailed his visit to the Churubusco studios, where
Pedro Infante spent a lot of time recording songs and films, the collaborator took on the task of interviewing local people and they revealed that the ”
A thousand loves“appears from time to time and sings.

The interviewees assured that the artist’s spirit appears in the facilities of the Churubusco studios and is heard whistling or playing the piano itself where he composed ”
My darling“.

Personnel of the place assures that they have witnessed the artist’s appearances and acts, they reveal that they have come to hear them from one of the rooms adjoining the place. These testimonies were shared in the room called “Silvestre Revueltas” where there is a piano in the that they assure the artist played and that they can still hear him, said one of the workers.

They mention that the experiences that have passed have been several, since in some of them it is heard how the scrambled tracks are played, and they pointed out that the noise comes from the same place where the phonoteque was located, which at some point housed many of the artist’s works, one of them the film “At full speed“.

The following link shows the complete interview through the program “Today” on the YouTube channel.

The phenomenon of cinema and music

His talent, charisma and charm led him to be linked to artists such as Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart and Elvis Presley.

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Born on November 18, 1917 in the fishing town of Mazatlán, as a young man he was a carpenter’s apprentice and learned music taught by his father, however, fate would have a great future prepared for him, success and fame awaited him. His career is made up of more than 60 films and he recorded more than 300 songs.