Still in the lead, Thomson heads for the Doldrums

As the Doldrums loom for the leading skippers, Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) continues to prance at the top of the Vendée Globe ahead of Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) And Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut).

All behind and him in front. Alex Thomson (Ugo Boss) continues to prance at the top of the Vendée Globe. The British skipper has stepped up a gear over the past 24 hours (he has crossed them at over 20 knots on average), leaving his pursuers far behind him, and in the first place Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) And Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut).

However, in Monday’s score at 6:00 p.m., the gap between Sir Thomson and King John was not as large as at the start of the day. This did not prevent the leader from still having nearly 100 miles (98.54) ahead of his runner-up and 112.16 over the other foiling Imoca from Rettant while the mythical Doldrums were looming for the first of the fleet.

Thomson in the Doldrums from Monday

However, if the ten monohulls launched behind Thomson should not arrive until Tuesday in this intertropical convergence zone well known to sailors and renowned for its unstable winds in particular, the Briton, for his part, should enter it on Monday. Not without some trepidation. “You always have to be wary of this place, it’s a trap.

It would seem that this year it will be rather a pleasant surprise ”, however analyzed the one who had finished second in this round the world solo behind the winner Armel Le Cléac’h three years ago (2016-2017). According to the latest meteorological estimates, it seems indeed that the Doldrums, although potentially terrible on paper, should be rather lenient this time with the competitors. What perhaps allow Thomson to further increase his lead.

Check-in at 6:00 p.m. (French time) – Monday November 16, 2020
1- Alex Thomson (GBR / Hugo Boss *) 21,956.2 miles from the finish
2- Jean Le Cam (FRA / Yes We Cam!) 98.54 miles behind the leader
3- Thomas Rouillard (FRA / LinkedOut *) at 112.16
4- Charlie Dalin (FRA / Apivia *) at 171.87
5- Kevin Escoffier (FRA / PRB *) at 185.91
6- Benjamin Dutreux (FRA / OMIA – Water Family) at 235.77
7- Louis Burton (FRA / Bureau Vallée 2 *) at 261.35
8- Sam Davies (GBR / Initiatives-Coeur) at 273.48
9- Yannick Bestaven (FRA / Maître CoQ IV *) at 280.7
10- Boris Herrmann (ALL / Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco) at 281.66

* boat equipped with foils