Stickers WhatsApp, apps to download them on iPhone and Android

The stickers are those drawings, illustrations and even photographs that you can add to a conversation or group on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messages or Telegram, among others. Its purpose is to go beyond emojis, since anyone can create stickers, copy them and spread them. And among them, WhatsApp stickers are the winners.

What would become of the WhatsApp groups of friends without the personalized stickers with the faces of those you know or of famous characters from the television. In addition, there are those that are true works of art. And they are very useful for express emotions without dramatizing too much.

The stickers or stickers are available on your keyboard when you click on the stickers icon. Also, if you click on Add you can download official stickers. But the best of all is that together with the official ones you can download third-party stickers. Let’s see several sources where to find them.

Stickers Cloud & Sticker Maker

If you use Android, Stickers Cloud & Sticker Maker It will allow you to fill your conversations with stickers and also create them yourself with photos or drawings. The app has more than 100 sticker packs to install and use freely.

To find the stickers you are looking for you have categories, finder and preview. You will find everything: video games, anime, memes, pets and animals, celebrities, series and movies … And, of course, stickers or stickers work in any messaging application.

Stickers Packs for WhatsApp!

One of the most complete sources of stickers on iPhone is Stickers Packs for WhatsApp!. It has more than 4,000 stickers for all tastes and preferences.

You can use them in WhatsApp but also in other messaging applications. In addition, there are static and animated ones, organized by categories. This will make it easier for you to find them.

3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

If you are from Android but you like Apple Animojis, you can bring them to your phone with 3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerApps. There you will find stickers and emojis of all kinds with gestures and expressions to place in any WhatsApp conversation or group.

You just have to look for the desired sticker, click on it and send it to the app you want. In this case WhatsApp. Otherwise, its catalog is of the most varied so you can find memes, familiar faces, etc.

WhatsApp Stickers

Although originally used to create your own stickers, allows you to access more than 500 million stickers created by other users for you to install on your iPhone.

With search engine and categories, the stickers are perfectly organized so you can find the collection you are looking for. Also, you can use them in other applications, install them easily and surprise everyone on WhatsApp with your emojis and stickers.

Personal Stickers for WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

With your collections or sticker packs, Personal Stickers for WhatsApp – WAStickerApps it will cover your quota of stickers during a good season.

And when you need more, try your own downloaded pictures or images to create personalized WhatsApp stickers in seconds. So you will have your own collection and share it with your closest friends.

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