A few years ago, the visionary Hollywood filmmaker shared his wisdom with the world through a video game. In Director’s Chair, Steven Spielberg taught the player how to become a film director. Today, said title is back and available online for anyone in the world to play.

Originally released in 1997, this video game created by the award-winning director taught you how to be a film director. Supplied with raw, unedited material, no sound, visual effects, or a montage, this game took the player through the entire process of becoming a filmmaker; from pre-production to release.

Paolo Pedercini, a professor at Cargenie University, has rebooted that game and posted it online to access it from a web browser. Now under the name of Director’s Choices, the new proposal follows the same principles, but with some significant changes.

« [El juego] He tried to be very realistic about simulating the logistical challenges of film production, leaving very little room for creativity, ”Pedercini said. « The player had a limited range when writing and shooting the movie. »

Pedercini extracted the material contained within the game with which you can now alter the destiny of the characters and the story very much in the style of Bandersnacth from Black Mirror. The material was low quality, with no audio, editing, or mounted dialogue, so it took a lot of effort to fix it and make the footage available online.

Now with Director’s Choices you can shape portions of footage filmed by Spielberg and starred by Quentin Tarantino and Jennifer Aniston, about a convict and his wife in the middle of a prison drama. Of course the director of Ready Player One will guide your steps.

During the nineties, technology tried to revolutionize the video game industry with the so-called Full Motion Video in which, through the novelty of the CD, it was sought to create interactive experiences such as gameplay movies that allowed the influence of the player.

Although the proposal never really took off, there were several celebrities who did it, including director Steven Spielberg. You can relive the experience and become a film director from the comfort of your computer with Director’s Choices by accessing here.