Steve Kerr is not optimistic. The Golden State Warriors coach is of the opinion that the season for the franchise now in San Francisco has ended.. There are approximately 20 regular league games left in dispute and the schedule is extremely tight. There are no dates before the playoffs for the title kick off. It is impossible to fit such a large number of games prior to the start of the play-offs to be crowned champions.

03/25/2020 at 12:59


Golden State is out of the top eight places in the Western conference and its coach throws in the towel. “For us the season is over. If the league somehow starts again, it is unlikely that regular league games will be played. There is no time“said the coach and former player.

If the NBA goes directly to the playoffs with the classification of March 11, the date on which the competition stopped, 14 teams would not return to the courts. Golden State are the only franchise mathematically eliminated at this point in the campaign.