Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr starred in a famous fight during the training camp of the 1995/96 season. It was a tough encounter in which the current Golden State Warriors coach took the worst part and ended with a black eye.

Now, on the occasion of the documentary ‘The Last Dance’, Kerr has returned to speak of the encounter. He has done it with TNT journalist Ernie Johnson and has commented the following: “I feel like I passed the test and that he trusted me more after that incident.”

It is not the first time that Kerr talks about that fight in these terms, he had already admitted a few years ago that the encounter led to the two having “a completely different relationship.”

Kerr said that during training Jordan was trying to get him out of his mind. The fact that she turned and faced him made him “pass the test.” “From there, he trusted me much more.”

Despite the fact that the punch to the face received improved his relationship with Jordan, Kerr, jokingly, wanted to make it clear that he does not recommend this type of action to improve relations between colleagues: “I would not recommend that it be done.”

The truth is that Kerr was an important player from that summer in the three consecutive titles that the Bulls won, especially with a decisive triple in the fifth ring, in 1997.