Steve Kerr: “Durant is the most talented player in the world … or in history”

The series between Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks has given a lot to talk about. Two of the greatest powers in the league (with the blur of the injuries of Kyrie Irving and James Harden) fierce in a fight that, in the end, was decided by centimeters and in an extension. Eliminatory to remember. For narrative and emotions, direct to the main newspaper library of the NBA. Many images to rewatch in the future, including one name that stands out: Kevin Durant. The Big Apple franchise player, with the permission of his friends from big-three, left one of the most memorable performances in the history of the playoffs and, in short, a series that, despite the defeat, can be called legendary. Even more, if you consider that what separated him from the glory were, literally, two sizes too large in his shoes.

With all this, then, if much has been said about the series, there has still been more about Durant. And in many ways. Something recurrent, it always is, has been trying to place him in that intergenerational classification that orders, according to their quality, importance, legacy … the best players ever. Is Durant in the Top 10 in History? Yes? Not? Further away? Or to what position does it advance? As many opinions as basketball fans and, in the end, almost all arguable. Steve Kerr, in an interview for Raj Mathai, of the NBC Bay Area, also wanted to speak on the subject. Without leaving anyone indifferent, in addition. “He just showed that he is the most talented basketball player in the world … or of all time,” he says. Mathai, in the immediate question that comes up after such a statement, brings Michael Jordan’s name to the fore … and Kerr doesn’t back down. “I think he’s more talented, really. Kevin is a different breed … completely different. He’s a 2.08 meter player with point guard skills, unlimited 3-point range, passing, shot blocking. Seeing him this year was really rewarding, “he insists. Durant ahead of Jordan, at least, when it comes to talent.

The current Warrios coach, in his claim, has the advantage of having worked closely with both legends. In Jordan’s case, as a teammate, in the glorious Chicago Bulls of the 90s; in Durant’s, as a coach, in the Warriors themselves. In the first case, getting five of the six rings of the golden period; in the second, reaching the NBA Finals in the three years they worked together, winning two of the championships, both with Finals MVPs for the current Nets star. Now, they will meet again in Tokyo, where Durant goes as the main star of the Dram Team and Kerr, as Gregg Popovich’s assistant. “I’m delighted to coach KD again. He gave us three incredible years. It was a wonderful relationship. I know people want to focus on the end, when maybe it didn’t end so well with the injury and his departure, but his participation in the Games Olympics and training him again … everything excites me, “he confesses regarding the latter.

In the East semi-finals, Durant averaged 35.4 points, 10.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 42.7 minutes, with 49 points in the fifth game and 48 in the seventh. Impossible to go unnoticed and impossible to avoid the sudden outbreak (although it has always been constant) of opinions. Before Kerr, another shared vision was Scottie Pippen’s, totally contrary to the coach’s. In his case, he chose to reduce the euphoria after the meritorious series, putting KD behind LeBron James. “Beating LeBron James takes a little more than the effort of an individual. LeBron is a complete team player who understands the team and the victory. Has Kevin Durant reached that level? The Bucks sent him home,” he said. One more. And never the last.

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