Steve Kerrcoach Golden State Warriors, recently visited the NBA podcast “Runnin ‘Plays”. Due to the quarantine caused by the global coronavirus health crisis, many NBA players and coaches have begun to appear more frequently on these types of programs.

On this particular occasion, Kerr has spoken about Dennis Rodman. The current Warriors coach, who during his time as a Chicago Bulls player (1993-1998) coincided with Rodman, has explained that if it were not for a phrase that his former teammate said, the current GSWs, those who have They dominated the competition for five years and have won three rings in that time period.

The phrase in question is as follows: “I will play the games for free, I am paid to be a Chicago Bulls player.” Steve Kerr, as he says in the podcast, has always reflected on that phrase, which has helped him to be the coach he is today.

“The main reason they pay you is not for playing basketball, but because they change you, cut you, boo you and injure you. There are many difficulties that always appear along the way. In the end, what matters are things great that end up coming in one way or another. “

Despite completing one of their worst seasons in many years (caused mostly by injuries), the Warriors will depart next season as one of their favorite teams to clinch the NBA title once again.