Steve Cohen talked about his new player Francisco Lindor

The owner of the Mets from New York, Steve Cohen, finally broke the silence and praised the one who will be for the next 10 years in the Big leagues (MLB) his shortstop, we mean the Puerto Rican Francisco Lindor.

The Mets made the 10-year extension and $ 341 million dollars of Francisco Lindor, reason why the team owner, Steve Cohen did not hesitate to speak in the best way of his shortstop in the Big leagues.

Francisco Lindor he is an extraordinary talent on the field and an exceptional person off it. It is a great start to the season opener and a great step towards our pursuit of sustained victories and championships, ”he said. Steve Cohen after the announcement of the extension.

Without a doubt, this contract extension of Lindor will make the Mets be a competitive team and one of the best in all of the baseball MLB, which is why the Cohen he bet on him and backs him up for what he can offer on the pitch.

The Mets aim steadily at winning a World Series that has eluded them for many seasons of Big leagues and the signature of Francisco Lindor could be the kick-off for the Queens organization to finally put the final lunge, which Steve Cohen you know and that’s why he paid so many millions for the Puerto Rican.

Cohen fully trusts the entire team of Mets, That is clear, but there is no doubt that his priority will be that Lindor enforce in the MLB all that $ 341 million, which makes him one of the highest paid in the game.