Big Show admitted that it was Stone Cold Steve Austin who made him more aggressive when you were working with him.

It was in an episode of WWE Network podcast ‘Broken Skull Sessions’, where the World’s Greatest Athlete He commented that experience that helped him evolve in his character.

That real jerk I worked with in England. I spent two weeks working with him in Europe. A first class guy, I have a lot of respect for him. He was the most amazing guy in the world outside the ring (Stone Cold). Inside the ring, he treated me like his out dirt on the sole of his shoe. He trampled my ass for eight minutes, he made me his finisher, he poured beer over me and it was all over.

In fact, Big show He indicated that John Laurinaitis and Finlay were urging him to be aggressive, but he did not understand their ideas.

«John Laurinaitis and Fit Finlay told me ‘you have to pay it back, you have to be a giant’. What the hell does that mean? That guy had not told me anything. That guy had hurt my feelings, hit me in the jaw like fireworks on July 4, and suddenly everything fell into place. A guy named ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. It all started to fall into place because I stopped using my brain.

In that fight, it took Big Show to get used to it, but it was Steve Austin himself who urged him to be more aggressive.

“During combat I learned that if you hit my jaw three times, I would get a little aggressive. As soon as I picked up the pace, you said ‘that’s the way it is, boy.’ You did not lower yourself to anyone’s level. They had to catch up with you. I learned that I didn’t have to wait for anyone to give me instructions. If I have finished selling blows, I have finished selling blows. I am a giant, I can do that ».