Any professional, when undertaking his daily chores, tries to carry out these tasks in the best possible way. In the case of artists of all kinds, their intention is that their works transcend much more than one more piece on the market, trying to be a benchmark for millions of people. In the musical field, this statement acquires a special significance, since there are many works that come to the market every year, but very few that fulfill the dream of their creator and become successes.

In each country there are numerous examples of melodies that go far beyond their ultimate purpose, surviving the passage of time and becoming works of worship for thousands of people within its borders. For this reason, the online casino Betway has carried out an exhaustive study, ‘the heartbeat of the music’, which searches for the perfect formula in each nation to get a hit.

Some qualities are what carry the singing voice when a song acquires epic overtones. Do you know which ones they are?


It is necessary for the artist to choose the speed of the song in advance. This fact will be vital when it comes to the target of people that will be reached at first. As a general rule, the fastest melodies will be aimed at a younger audience, and the slower ones will be for older people. The difference between countries is also notable.



Depending on the country in which we focus the songs that have reigned in the last decade, the energy radiating from these hits will vary greatly. The inhabitants of Japan, Brazil and Argentina need a song to have a very high rhythm to be able to achieve the ascent to heaven of successes.



Related to all the previous aspects, the fact that a song can be danceable is a great point in its favor. Even more so nowadays, when diffusion through new technologies can convert a choreography associated with a famous melody. a mass phenomenon.


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