Stephen King and JJ Abrams work on Lisey’s Story, their new series for Apple TV + – .

Stephen King and JJ Abrams, director of the latest Star Wars film, will premiere a series on the Apple TV + platform that has Juliane Moore in its cast and Chilean Pablo Larraín in the direction.

The limited series (miniseries) will hit the technology catalog in the summer, with the title Lisey’s Story and a plot based on King’s novel of the same name. In addition, the writer and the filmmaker work on another fiction that will adapt different horror stories.

It is not the first time that Abrams and King collaborate together, since Castle Rock and the series 11.22.63, which starred James Franco, have already coincided.

“I have a creative relationship with JJ Abrams that goes back to Lost, when Entertainment Weekly brought us together to talk about the series,” explained the prolific author during a press conference in which Apple advanced its television news.
Lisey’s Story, which narrates the sinister experience of a woman after the death of her husband, is the star project of the arsenal of news with which the technology company intends to compete against Netflix and HBO.

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