The murder of George Floyd Drowning at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer has dealt a tremendous blow to the American black community in particular and to the entire non-racism in general. For Stephen Jackson, the former NBA player, has also meant the loss of a good friend.

So it is not surprising that the wayward player of the Pacers and Spurs, among others, is leading marches and demonstrations demanding justice for Floyd. The similarity of their faces was key to the beginning of their friendship, as Jackson commented this week:

“The first thing we said to ourselves was, ‘Uncle, who is your father? Since then we had a good relationship. We became friends.”

Now, he is aware that the murder of his friend leads him to have a leading role in demonstrations: “How did I get to have it? I did not expect to have it, but there are many people pending what I can say, to see which one is going to be the next move. I haven’t asked to be in this position, but I hold on to it. I hold on to it. “

And he talks about his role: “We have to ask for justice, I am trying to be a good leader. We have to be smart and not fall for the tricks that the government is using against us. We have to vote. Not only the president, but the mayor and to the police and fire chief. We have to change things because there are many that matter. This energy that we are using now protesting, we must also use when voting. “