Stephen Curry it’s everything for Golden State Warriors fans. The Akron-born base has been a fundamental base to build the most successful period of the “La Bahía” team.

His NBA career started in Oakland and despite his team moving to the luxurious Chase Center in San Francisco, Curry’s heart is still in the city that saw him become a true star.

That is why the best triplist in history has created a GoFundMe, a platform in which people make donations for social causes, to try to get $ 350,000 to save what is known as the « House of the Warriors », as indicated by the player himself on his Instagram and collected by Yahoo.

What is the House of the Warriors?

It is the home of Lloyd Canamore, a man who lives in Oakland and is considered the number one fan of the team led by Steve Kerr, so he wanted to prove it by painting his house in blue and gold. This house has become a local attraction and many players from the team have visited it.

One of them is Stephen Curry. The 2-time NBA MVP learned that Canamore needed help and did not hesitate to provide it. This 58-year-old man has been living in this home for a long time, long before he decided to paint it.

For 50 years, the Canamore family has inhabited these 4 walls. Last year, the mother of this great man died and left him alone at home and living on a disability income.

The kindness of “Steph” has made this great Warriors fan have hopes and, in fact, just after posting the post on Instagram he received an anonymous donation of $ 10,000.

Helping this idea to go ahead has not been long and there are a multitude of users of social networks who have shared this story in their profiles to ensure that Lloyd can continue living in what has always been his home and for a few years, also part of the fans that the Golden State Warriors has around the world.

Therefore, although the team has moved to the Chase Center, one of the pillars that made the “Dubs” the best ensembles in history does not forget their roots and wants “The House of the Warriors” to continue being part of the memory of a legendary team.