Stephen Curry He doesn’t seem very willing to play, if the idea of ​​the second bubble in Chicago goes ahead. The two-time MVP of the NBA It is difficult for players of his draft to be in a competition in which neither team played anything, according to the program. Sports Center.

07/03/2020 01:07

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When the idea was made public, there were many discordant voices, so it seems difficult to give the project the green light. Dwyane Casey, coach of the Pistons and Bob Myers, manager of the Warriors, have already made it clear that they did not see the possibility that it will take place and now it has been an even more voice such as Curry, who has expressed his opinion.

The star of the Bay team believes that it is a good opportunity for other types of players, but not for him: “If you think about it, it would be very difficult for me to play games without any sense, that is quite obvious. For young people trying to play as much basketball as they can if it would be a good opportunity. ”

Curry sees it as something interesting not to be stopped during the 6 months that remain until the start of a new season, but he does not know if it is necessary for established players, since they can be injured: “For the eight teams that are not in Orlando, so many months without Playing may not be good, so it would be possible to make the effort. Obviously there has to be security before anything, that’s what it’s all about. ”

Bob Myers already made it clear that although he did not agree very much, the Warriors would be part of this second bubble, since important amounts of money will surely be handled, but Curry, Thompson or Green will not be there. Steve Kerr said that this kind of camp that would be riding was not something that appealed to him either.

The Warriors have work ahead

This year’s preseason is critical to the San Francisco team. After 5 years playing the Finals, the disappointment of this season has been noticed and the year they want to return with all the guarantees.

An injury in an exhibition match would be crazy for a team that has had to live with them for a long time, so the great stars of the Warriors do not want to risk it and if this second bubble is finally played, other players who want to be part of the squad next season will be those who have to play the beans.