Stephen Curry leaves Eric Bledsoe on the ground with brutal crossover

The Golden State Warriors are fighting for their lives in the playoffs in the Western Conference of the NBA with a 32-32 record heading into tonight’s action, and Stephen Curry he knows.

Yes OK Stephen Curry you are getting MVP level numbers for the team, your squad is not at the same level as the Warriors dynastics of past years. However, this play against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night could have given fans of the Warriors, and fans of the NBA, memories of the franchise’s glory days:

While the maneuver of Stephen Curry in traffic it might be the spiciest move in this sequence, let’s not rule out a leg kick that leads to Curry’s touch.

Eric Bledsoe was the victim of Stephen Curry on this occasion, and the worst thing is that the former Unanimous MVP of the NBA, I also hit the shot.

Here the video: