Stephen Curry applauds Lebron James’ brutal layup against Juan Toscan-Anderson

The star of the NBA, Stephen Curry clap brutal tray of Lebron James against Juan Toscan-Anderson in the play-in game.

The Golden State star Warriors, Stephen Curry, couldn’t help but be impressed with the Los Angeles star Lakers, Lebron James. After all, the King is simply a freak of nature even at 36 years old.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, when LeBron James led the comeback of the Lakers in the second half in the play-in, he drove to the basket and finished a hard basket on the outstretched arms of the forward Warriors, Juan Toscan-Anderson. Then the camera captured Steph’s reaction to the work, one that showed pure amazement and disbelief.

Here the video:

Greatness recognizes greatness. Also, it’s hard to blame Stephen Curry for such a reaction. Only a few players can hit tough shots like that, and doing it at LeBron’s age is even more impressive. How many 36-year-olds can accomplish such a feat?

Lebron James continues to play at a high level for Lakers, so a bit of appreciation from one of his biggest rivals is certainly welcome.

The two players have a long history of battles. They met at the Finals of the NBA in four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018 when LeBron was still with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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