Stephanie Salas breaks the silence … will she sue or not for ‘Luis Miguel, the series’?

“At the beginning of June you saw that my daughters and I manifested ourselves in a forceful way, it was very important for us, very liberating, from that, the truth is that we have a different respite and if I want in that sense to start again in life, with another concept, with a concept in which I could raise my voice.

“I feel satisfied having done it, because today we should not keep quiet about anything, absolutely nothing that seems to us, nothing that we believe is violating our rights, so today I am at peace, I am calm,” she explained the Rooms.

In the beginning, Michelle and Stephanie had no problem with how the plot of the series unfolded. (Special)

When asked directly about your intentions to report this situation, Stephanie He made it clear that at least on his part there will be no such action: “No … that part does not correspond to me, and nothing, right now it is my responsibility to work,” he said during his passage through the black carpet of the Sie7e show.

On the other hand, he revealed that his daughter Michelle It is perfect a few days to celebrate your anniversary of life. “Okay, thank you very much, we went to your celebration of 32 years that was incredible from the 60’s and all this in the port of Acapulco, we had a great time, fortunately, and now, life goes on.”

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